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Into gaming? We want you on our team! UnleashTheGamer is a platform that focuses primarily on RPGs and single-player games. It was developed with gamers in mind, and it supports anyone who shares a love for video games and a passion for competitive gaming. If you want to share your experience as an avid gamer, we’d love to hear from you and feature your work on our website.

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Don’t keep the knowledge to yourself. We provide our readers with content based on personal experience, trial, and passion. As a result, we need more gamers like you. Contribute to our digital library by writing a guide, a review, or any other informative piece of work that our readers might find useful. Despite the fact that we do not accept paid contributions, our editorial team will carefully review every submission and choose to publish it as long as the following guidelines and criteria are met:

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Our editorial team will closely review every submission. If the content is declared unsuitable for publication, we reserve the right to recommend potential revisions, remove any promotional items, or reject the submission entirely. If you need more information or require further assistance in this matter, go ahead and contact a member of our team!

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Railjack Beginners Guide – Warframe

Railjack Beginners Guide – Warframe

The Railjack feature is entirely new side of Warframe with new rewards, new gameplay and new lore. So, we have pulled together this beginner Railjack guide to help you take to the stars and face off against the sentient threat.

Darkest Dungeon – Jester Guide

Darkest Dungeon – Jester Guide

The Jester, the Darkest Dungeon’s answer to the ‘Joker’, is certainly an odd duck who mixes bleed abilities with team wide buffs. However he is often a hero who finds himself with a spot on my squad. Why? His ability to target and harass the middle ranks is super useful for ignoring and bypassing front row tanks and build up some seriously dangerous bleed damage.

Fallout 4’s Companions Ranked From Worst to Best

Fallout 4’s Companions Ranked From Worst to Best

Friendship. Friendship never changesAh, Fallout. The video game franchise that inspires more debates and disappointment than a Christmas dinner. It may have fallen out of grace in recent years, with Fallout 76 continuing to prove that funny glitches and brand loyalty...

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