The Witcher Personality Quiz – Which Character Are You?
Triss? Yenn? Geralt? Take our short personality quiz if you’re curious which character best suits your personality.
January 24, 2023

As usual, at the beginning of each month, we like to entertain our readers with a brand-new quiz. This time around, we decided to tackle the world of The Witcher, in all of its morally ambiguous beauty. The characters are as grey as the world they’re inhabiting, so needless to say, this quiz was especially fun to write. Try also the other 9 games similar to the witcher.

With that being said, sit tight and take our Witcher quiz if you want to find out which character you are. This will surely test if you belong to the main character or the villain. And please, for the love of god, don’t try too hard to get Geralt, okay?

What do you value the most?

Are you politically opinionated?

Do you think the end justifies the means?

When you find yourself in a tense situation, you handle it by:

How is your outlook on the world, in general?

What type of work is best suited to you?

You hear strange noises at night in your home. What do you do?

How would your friends and loved ones describe you?

Do you believe in destiny?

Do you have an addictive personality?

What drives you to accomplish your goals?

The Witcher Personality Quiz
Geralt of Trivia

geralt of rivia witcher quiz

You’re Geralt of Rivia, the best Witcher to ever practice this profession. Because you exhibited an unusual tolerance to the mutagens that grant witchers their abilities, you were subjected to further experimentation. This gave you greater strength, speed and stamina than perhaps all witchers that have ever existed. You’ve even demonstrated a keen branding savviness when picking the surname “of Rivia” and adopting the local accent to seem more appealing to clients.

Underneath your cynical, sarcastic, cold and even threatening demeanor, you’re actually a fiercely loyal friend with a great sense of humor. You’re kind-hearted and caring to the people you love, and sympathetic to the suffering. As a witcher, you are a professional through and through, always fulfilling contracts and rejecting work that involves hurting other people.

Triss Merigold

triss merigold witcher quiz

You’re Triss Merigold, one of the most important power-players in the entire series. A skilled and powerful sorceress with a wide set of talents, Triss’s magical prowess is equaled only by her political savviness, ambition and her ability to mingle in royal circles. She was a member of King Foltest’s royal council, a founding member of the Lodge of Sorceresses and the leader of the mage underground after Radovid V started the witch hunt.

Triss Merigold passed down into history as Merigold the Fearless due to her numerous acts of bravery and selflessness in critical moments. Aside from her public image, in private, Triss proved herself as a loyal friend and a sister figure to Ciri - thanks to her intervention, Ciri was not subjected to the harmful hormone changes during witcher training. Triss is also a passionate person who genuinely believes that her profession can change the world for the better, despite her fellow sorceress’ affinity for political intrigue.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

yennefer witcher quiz

You are Yennefer of Vengerberg. Famous for her beauty despite being almost a century old, Yennefer is a powerful and talented sorceress, and an important power broker in the kingdom of Aedirn, working as an informal advisor for King Demavend. Yennefer is a highly intelligent and competent sorceress who handles the intricacies of court intrigue as masterfully as her spells.

Yennefer had a rough childhood, which may explain her sarcastic and seemingly dismissive nature. However, her cold mask is just a defense mechanism that hides a deeply empathetic person who cares deeply about her loved ones and is not indifferent to the suffering of others. She stepped up when Ciri needed a mother figure and when Geralt found himself in trouble, and she’s demonstrated her willingness to sacrifice herself for others time after time.


dandelion witcher quiz

A poet and minstrel of noble origins, Dandelion is perhaps best known for his association and lifelong friendship with Geralt of Rivia, the legendary white-haired witcher. Dandelion’s way with words brought him both worldwide fame as a talented minstrel, and disdain from the lovers of the women he wooed. It’s fair to say that Dandelion spent as much time sneaking through backdoors as he spent actually writing the poems that made so many admirers fall for him in the first place. Such is the life of a minstrel.

What Dandelion lacks in physical strength makes up with his inventiveness, sharp wit and ability to somehow get out from the nastiest of situations. When it comes to thinking out of the box and finding clever solutions, few can top Dandelion.


ciri witcher quiz

Congratulations! You are Cirilla FIona Elen Riannon, princess of Cintra, heir to the imperial throne of Nilfgaard, the last person with Elder Blood coursing through their veins, and all-around badass.

Ciri is by far the most complex character in the entire series - a walking contradiction. She’s empathetic but vicious and cruel; emotionally vulnerable, but very powerful; she was trained to become a witcher, but never became one; she learned how to use magic, but decided to give up her powers when she realized the harm they were causing; of royal blood, but fiercely, unabashedly individualistic.

Her greatest wish was to become free of her troubled history and live life on her own terms. And despite being at the center of numerous conflicting interests and being hunted by other-worldly beings, she manages to obtain her freedom. Of course, with a little her from her friends and her parent figures, Geralt and Yennefer, whom she loves deeply.


roach horse witcher quiz

Congratulations, you’re a buggy, fictional horse. Hope you’re proud of yourself.

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