The Steam Spring Cleaning Event Is Here

The sun is out! The flowers are blooming! Let’s play some video games!

May 25, 2019

The Spring Cleaning Event has begun on steam. It started on May 24th at 10 AM PDT and will end on May 28th at 10 AM PDT. During this event, you will be able to play some select games for absolutely free, including Dead by Daylight, Grim Dawn, and Don’t Starve Together. You can also complete tasks every day to earn badges and medals. The tasks will update every day, but you only need to complete the individual projects once.

It’s that time of year again

There are three different badges you can unlock, the level one badge, the level two badge, and the level three badge. Each is unlocked after you complete a set amount of tasks, with the first badge at 5, the second badge at 10, and the third badge at 15. There are 17 tasks to chose from, with new ones updating each day for the first three categories.

The first one is called Speed Clean where you have to play the games that have been made free. The rest of the categories require you to play games you already own, like Spin Cycle where you have to play a game you haven’t played in a while, or Clear The Backlog where you have to play a game you haven’t played yet. The other five challenges do not update, and can only be completed once.


The Nostalgia challenge has you play a game that you have more than 2 hours on, but haven’t booted up in a while. There’s also Can’t Wait that you can beat by playing a game that you’ve bought in the last six months. The Trusted Friend challenge makes you play a game recommended by a friend and Tag Creator where you have to play a game that uses a tag you’ve applied to another Steam game. Lastly, there’s Blast From The Past making a return from last year, which has you playing the first game you ever purchased on Steam.


Additionally, after completing these tasks it’s respective item will show up on the shelf on your Spring Cleaning Event page on Steam. For example, if you complete the “Trusted Friend” task, which has a golden knight statue as its item, the knight will appear on the shelf.

Jum Jum

Jum Jum


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