Roccat Suora FX Review

A comfortable keyboard that will enhance your gaming experience.

May 29, 2019

Roccat has been making top-quality boards for a while now, and their reputation has been only reinforced by the Suora FX. With a clean, streamlined, uncluttered design and tons of quality features, the Suora FX is capable of competing head-to-head with the top producers in the market. Without further ado, here’s my Roccat Suora FX review.

What we played: Sunless Skies, Apex Legends and Battlefield V

*This item was not provided by Roccat. It was purchased by Unleash The Gamer for review purposes only.


I have not found a keyboard that is not comfortable. Personally, I have no troubles using one that hasn’t got a hand rest. As the Roccat Suora FX hasn’t got one, you can guess I find it pretty comfortable. It falls flat on the table, making its keys easy to access without moving my wrists a whole lot.

Its back features rubber feet for those that want that extra incline. I found myself liking it inclined because it got the keys even closer to my fingertips. That’s my problem with adjusting when switching from one keyboard to another, my brain keeps the mental image of the past keyboard along with the posture. Surely the extra tilt helped me in controlling my urge to jam my fingers in between the keys.


roccat suora fx reviewThe space between the key sections is small. The overall aspect is minimalistic, it features no frame, no hand rest and no thumb keys – why are thumb keys even mentioned on their website is completely over me.

On the back of the Roccat Suora FX you will find 3 grooves where the braided cable will fit perfectly. Ha, neat cable management. There was no cable gore as a result of this test, 1.8 meters of cable is just the right amount. No gold-plated USB ;(.

roccat suora fx reviewThe fact that is entirely black has been perfect for late night-closed lights gaming. Of course, I had to dim the RGB lighting from the software which I needed to install. May sound like a hassle but it downloads in a minute, updates in another and you dim the lights in another minute. There are 10 different types of RGB backlight fun to choose from, with customizable light intensity and speed.


I’m not saying that my desk is small, but this keyboard made it look a lot more spacious. Measuring 40 cm by 13.5 cm it’s compact and robust. The keys are big enough and there is some space between the keys. I actually like them close together, but some may not. The Roccat fellows managed to fit a full keyboard on a tenkeyless frame. Bravo!


roccat suora fx reviewThe Roccat Suora FX feels hard to break. It can take some vigorous typing before it even moves an inch. The keys are feeling solid enough. For a frameless keyboard, it feels like it’s on a steel frame. It may be from the rubberized base of the board, but I have gone berserk while playing Apex (and typing away at this review) and it didn’t nudge one second. It’s a bit on the heavy side but not that heavy so you can’t waddle away with it when you must clean your desk. It doesn’t feel cheap. It will stand the test of time, with a 50 million keystroke lifecycle you won’t start to feel any degradation until your fifteenth playthrough of StarCraft.


It sports 6 dedicated macro keys. They are conveniently placed in the zone just above the arrow keys. In order to access the back end and program those babies, you need to download the official Roccat Suora FX software called Roccat Swarm. From there, you can also fiddle with the RGB lighting and the key assignment.


If you like ‘em clicky then you’re gonna get just the right amount of clicky. The feedback on the TTC brown switches is ok, typing away at it has not given me any auditory issues. If anyone was thinking “I sure would like a modern keyboard to sound like an old typewriter” then you are lucky. The Roccat Suora FX’s software enables you to change each key click to one of 5 presets: no sound, click sound, typewriter sound, beam sound and sci-fi sound. Turn your speakers on and get ready to dethrone Edgar Allan Poe.



This concludes our Roccat Suora FX review. Roccat has a well-deserved reputation of delivering high-quality peripherals at competitive prices, and the Suora FX is no exception to that rule. If you want a reliable keyboard that won’t destroy your wallet, you should look no further than this one.

The Good The Bad
Compact build Keys are a little too jammed together
Great RGB options
Good macro-key placement
Intuitive software


RGB Illuminated Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Width 429mm
Depth 124mm
Weight 0.8kg


Connect Technology Wired
Interface USB
Key/Button Function Macros buttons, multimedia, profile, programmabl
Backlit Blue
Hot Keys Function Multimedia, programmable, macros buttons, profile
Included Software ROCCAT Swarm
OS Required Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8, Windows 10
Mihai Raducu

Mihai Raducu


My first gaming experience was on the NES with Super Mario Bros. Safe to say, I never really got to Princess Peach on my own. My dad was the head honcho. Quick fingers gamer guy. He would usually help me get past the difficult parts then let me finish the level. Jumping on the flagpole was another one of the things I couldn’t really do. Getting only 200 points was my special ability.



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