RDR2 Grave Locations: All Character Graves In Red Dead Redemption 2

Who they were, how they died, where they are. All RDR2 grave locations marked and explained, thanks to Jum Jum!

April 13, 2023

It’s no secret that Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredibly sad game. Characters deal with alcoholism, depression, dementia, and the game is never afraid to tackle very real themes. And of course, by the end, there are far more dead than alive.

Whilst a large amount of death makes the game somewhat bittersweet on replaying it, the deaths are generally some of the most powerful and memorable moments in the entire game. And even though not every dead character got their own gravestones, quite a few did, and I’m going to be showing you who they were, how they died, and where you can find their graves.

I think this is obvious enough that I don’t even need to type it, but in the name of the internet etiquette, I shall.



But anyway, get your hankies ready, because even if we find all the RDR2 grave locations, this one’s gonna be a bummer.

Arthur Morgan RDR2 Grave Location

Arthur Morgan's Death

I’ll go ahead and rip this bandage off right away.

Arthur was the protagonist of the game, Dutch Van Der Linde’s prodigal son, and in my opinion, owner of the saddest death in Red Dead Redemption 2. Depending on the path you follow at the end of the game, and the morality of your Arthur, he could die 4 different ways.

If you had negative honour, Arthur would get killed by Micah on the mountain, or at the camp, depending on whether or not you chose to help John, or go back and get the money. Whereas if you had positive honour, he would die of his wounds, and his tuberculosis, whilst staring at the sunset, in either of those places.

You can find this RDR2 grave location east of the Bachus station, on top of the grassy hill next to the Mysterious home.

  • If you had low honour the gravestone will read: Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.
  • If you had high honour the gravestone will read: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.
Arthur's grave location on map

Hosea Mathews and Lenny Summers RDR2 Grave Locations

Hosea and Lenny's Graves

Two of the wisest members of the Van Der Linge gang, who shared many similarities, despite being on pretty opposite ends of the age spectrum.

Hosea was Dutch’s right-hand man and the metaphorical grandfather of the gang. Whilst Lenny was the young and spirited rookie who was desperately looking to make his mark. Both were kind, level headed, and two of the very few characters who seemed to keep their common sense throughout all of the game.

These two are buried right next to each other because unfortunately, they died basically at the same time. During the bank heist in Saint Denis, the crew was ambushed by the police. Hosea was shot in the chest by Andrew Milton, and Lenny was shot by two Pinkertons on the roof of the bank.

Both of these RDR2 grave locations are under a tree near the swamp, east of Lagras.

Hosea and Lenny location

Sean MacGuire RDR2 Grave Location

Seans Grave Red Dead Redemption 2
The first of the Van Der Linde gang to go, in what was possibly the most shocking and unexpected death of the game. Sean was the cocky, arrogant, and incredibly loveable Irish troublemaker, who loved nothing more than to drink, love, and annoy. We didn’t get to see too much of him in the game, but what we did see, we all loved. Which made this quick and alarming death all the more tragic. He is quite simply shot in the head whilst walking down the street of Rhodes, whilst right in the middle of a conversation with Arthur, Micah, and Bill. It’s not entirely clear who shot him, but it seems whoever it was instantly gets killed by Micah before a gunfight breaks out. Sean is buried right by Flat Iron Lake, north-west of Rhodes.
Sean's Grave Location on Map

Susan Grimshaw RDR2 Grave Location

She may have been annoying, but she went out like a champion. Susan Grimshaw was essentially the camp mom. She managed the ladies, kept the camps clean, and stopped the gang from falling to savagery. Even though she was sometimes antagonistic, and murdered Molly in a brutal manner, she was still a necessary character with a great death. It’s right at the climax of the game. Arthur is confronting Micah, guns are pulled, and sides are chosen. And unexpectedly, Susan is actually the only one who sides with Arthur and John, however briefly, before she’s shot down by Micah. It’s a good bit of redemption for a controversial character, and a great way to kick off the ending. You can find her grave South-West of Elysian Pool, just next to the E in New Hanover.

Kieran Duffy RDR2 Grave Location

Poor, poor, poor Kieran Duffy… Nearly everyone who’s played this game feels bad for Kieran, and for good reason. He was captured by Arthur, tied up and starved, and nearly castrated. And when they finally did let him join the gang, he was harassed and threatened constantly, despite being a genuinely friendly and decent man. And his death is one of the most shocking moments in the game. He was captured by the O’Driscolls and tortured until he gave up the spot of the gang. They then decapitated him, gouged his eyes out, and sent his corpse and head to the gang on horseback. His grave is out in an open field East of the Braithwaite Manor.

Eagle Flies RDR2 Grave Location

Another victim of Dutch’s manipulation. Eagle Flies was the son of Rains Fall, the chief of The Wapiti Indians. Their story was one of conflicting ideology. Rains Fall grew weary of the constant abuse of his people and only wanted to keep them safe and avoid violence. Whilst Eagle flies was upset with how they were treated and wanted to fight back. Unfortunately, this anger was easy for Dutch to abuse and manipulate, which eventually caused Eagle Flies’ death. He actually died in a very heroic manner. Right after Dutch leaves Arthur to die in the attack on the oil refinery, Eagle Flies swoops in and manages to save him from getting stabbed in the chest. Unfortunately, he is shot and wounded by Colonel Favours immediately after. He is then taken back to the reservation, where he dies in his father’s arms. His grave is at Donner Falls, just next to the river.



Davey Callander RDR2 Grave Location

I’m gonna miss them Callander boys. Mac and Davey Callander where two hot-headed brothers, who were part of Dutch’s gang just before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2. We never actually see Mac, and we only get a glimpse of Davey at the very beginning of the game. According to the gang, they were both tough and boorish men, especially Davey, who loved nothing more than drinking and playing poker. Davey was mortally wounded during the ferry robbery in Blackwater, that happens immediately before the prologue. He died of his injuries whilst being taken up into the snowy mountains, and is actually the first dead body we see in the game. Mac didn’t get a marked grave, but there are theories that one of the unmarked ones next to Davey’s may belong to Mac. Davey’s grave is in the graveyard at Colter, next to the church.

Jenny Kirk RDR2 Grave Location

And last, but not least, we have Jenny Kirk.

Not much is known about Jenny. We never even see what she looked like unless you count Arthur’s drawing in his notebook. From what we can tell from gang comments, she loved to play dominoes, was good friends with Javier, and most notably, was something of a crush for young Lenny Summers. It’s a shame we never got to hear more about her, but at least she got a grave.

It seems she died similarly to Davey, being shot at the ferry robbery, and succumbing to her wounds before the gang could make it to Colter.

Her grave is at the far North West of the map, next to Spider Gorge.

This concludes our list of RDR2 grave locations. Hopefully you will have time to find each place and pay your respects, where they are due. 

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