Razer Mamba Elite Review

A decent gaming mouse that will serve you faithfully through many gaming sessions.

August 30, 2019

I’ve used the Razer Mamba Elite for quite a while and I can definitely say it’s a decent gaming mouse. The sad part is that it’s just that: decent. Razer have boasted themselves to be the best manufacturer of high-end gaming hardware and, for a while, it was true.

They made excellent products, including the Razer Death Adder, which is still considered one of the best mice for professional gaming. However, while the Razer Mamba Elite does not live up to that quality, it can still be a good mouse for certain gamers, particularly those who prefer very lightweight mice.

What we played: Overwatch, CS: GO, The Witcher 3

*This item was not provided by SteelSeries. It was purchased by Unleash The Gamer for review purposes only.


Among the several complaints I have about the Razer Mamba Elite, comfort is not one of them. The curve is low and long. It’s not too highly domed so that it strains your hand, but not too low that your wrist sits sat an uncomfortable angle.

It’s nicely built and feels incredibly smooth to the touch. At first, it might seem too big for smaller hands. And by big, I mean long. However, as mentioned above, it has a decent amount of surface area that will be responsive to clicks.


razer mamba elite review For once, you have to give it up to Razer for making a simple design. Most of their hardware feature very high-tech, almost futuristic features, but the Mamba elite mouse is very simple in its aspect.

Granted, whether that’s good or bad is completely subjective, but I find myself enjoying a more simple, sleek, and elegant design.

The Razer Mamba delivers just that. Beyond the subtle line that goes across its side, the Razer mouse is very simple, covered in black matter finishing and ergonomically curved.

In comparison to most others, it’s a fairly long mouse. However, the buttons are highly responsive across a fast surface. So, whether you have a large palm or a smaller one, you should feel perfectly comfortable gaming.

razer mamba elite reviewThe LED display can be customized through various spectrum. It goes wonderfully with the Razer Kraken Chroma headset and the Razer Black Widow Chroma.

It’s beautifully simplistic with its mixture of black plastic and rubber on the sides. However, it’s clearly made for right-handed users, so if you’re left-handed, you may want to steer clear of this one.


It’s not very compact compared to other mice. The Razer Mamba Elite is long and slim. It’s not chunky by any means, though. In fact, it takes as much space as it needs to with not extra protruding pieces or complicated thumb rests.

Once again, I find this refreshing. The Razer Mamba Elite doesn’t overcomplicate itself in design and, by extension, in its size. It’s perfect for any hand and the side buttons are easy to reach.


razer mamba elite review The Razer Mamba Elite mouse is incredibly light. To be honest, it feels a bit fragile in your hands, but years of use have proved otherwise. It’s not sensitive and it withstands the test of time in terms of physical aspect.

However, it’s certainly not for anyone who likes their mouse to have a bit of weight to it. The Razer Mamba Elite practically floats with your hand.

One on hand, it’s great, because it feels like a mere extension of your palm. One the other, it can give off the sense that you don’t have full control over its movements.


With the aid of Razer Synapse, there are several customization options, going from profiles and macros to lighting setting. Both the logo and the line that shoots across the sides of the Razer Mamba Elite mouse can be lit up in various color patterns that look really good against the contrasting black. In addition, you have options in terms of calibration for your mousepad even if it’s not a Razer product. You can go beyond DPI and even customize your lift-off range to perfectly attune it to your style.

However, thread lightly. During its time of use, I’ve had several issues with customization and Synapse. After just one year of use, I’ve encountered the infuriating issue of my mouse just randomly freezing on the screen, with no way to move it.

Everything else worked just fine. Once I restarted my computer it was fine, but I had to go through the calibration process all over again to get it working perfectly. You can imagine how tiring and infuriating this can become when you cannot control your mouse to save your current progress in the game or when it freezes in the middle of a competitive match.

This has been one of its greatest flaws. These problems have continued even after reinstalling the software or completely reinstalling Windows. However, it became clear the problem was with the mouse and not Synapse itself, as both my Black Widow keyboard and Kraken headset worked just fine while synced to the same software.

Perhaps it was just bad luck and I received a faulty product. It worked fine for its first year though and the issue started out of nowhere. It’s two years later now, the problem is still there (though not as often), so I suppose the several updates to the software helped.


The satisfying clicking noise is there. It has excellent feedback and gives off that enjoyable feeling whenever you press it. Is it too loud late at night when the whole house is quiet? Yes. You might be feeling that tinge of guilt in your chest when you’re furiously clicking away and everyone else is sleeping.

However, if you shut the door and there’s no one else in the room, no one will be bothered by late night gaming sessions. Unless you dislike the clicky feedback and, in that case, it will be you who’s bothered.



The Razer Mamba Elite is considered among the top gaming mice on the market. However, I would put it down the list due to the several issues I’ve encountered with it and the slight cheap feeling due to its plastic and very light build.

Is it bad? No. But is it great? Not. This is especially the case given its relatively high price. I’d only recommend the Razer Mamba Elite only if you enjoy a very lightweight mouse, love the Razer brand, and have a big budget.

The Good The Bad
Nice and simple design Too light
Customizable Encounters issues with the software over time
Suitable for any sized hand Feels fragile and a little cheap
Very expensive for what it does

Razer Mamba Elite

16,000 DPI Optical Sensor


Width 69mm
Weight 96gmm
Cable length 2.1 m


Buttons Qty 9
Orientation right-handed
Connectivity Technology wired
Interface USB
Movement Detection Technology optical
Movement Resolution 16000 dpi
Thumb Buttons Qty 2
Tania Preda

Tania Preda


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