Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Prison

Everything you need to know about the Prison in Divinity Original Sin 2’s Fort Joy and how to uncover all of its secrets.

February 2, 2023

A section of the Divinity Original Sin 2 walkthrough focused on the Fort Joy Prison area with all of its secrets, side-quests, and collectibles. Get ready for some thrill adventure of this stage.

Fort Joy Prison

Fort Joy Prison Numbered

Step 1 – The Silent Monks

This hallway runs to the north and south and is absolutely full of Silent Monks. Luckily for you, they are not hostile, however, you should absolutely kill them for the experience. They are not particularly difficult and they have no physical armor, meaning you can knock them down or use physical debuffs on them with ease.

If you attempt to talk to a Silent Monk, a group conversation will begin where you will discuss the deformities of the creature before you. It doesn’t matter a great deal what you say, so role-play it in the way you think your character would respond or react.

Fort Joy Prison Step 1

Step 2 – The Altar

In the northern part of the hall, you will find a little altar with some candles on it. If you have obtained the quest to get Withermoore’s soul jar you will discover a lever that you can use to open a path beneath the altar. This will lead to the map Fort Joy – Ancient Passage. Head down there if you are looking to finish that particular quest.

Nearby this area you will also note some stairs leading upwards. They will take you to area (27) on the map Fort Joy – Overworld.

Fort Joy Prison Step 2

Step 3 – Han & The Magisters

At the southern end of the Fort Joy Prison hallway, you will find a small dock with a pair of magisters, Carin and Goa. Depending on how you treated Delorus post-torture, you may be offered a way out of the Joy. I should also note that if you mention that Delorus sent you to the boat, they will attack you. If you want to get onto the boat you will have to tell them that Madam Zoor sent you. You should then tell them that there is no nobler soul in all the realm.

You will also meet a young boy named Han, who is apparently going with you. He will let you know of a way to get your collar off outside of the Joy. If you kill the two magisters by answering the questions incorrectly, Han will disappear from the fight. You can find him again at the end of the dock after killing the magisters, and you will still be granted a means to get out of Fort Joy. If you take the boat you will be dumped on a beach just outside of Fort Joy in the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map at the number (32).

Fort Joy Prison Step 3
There are other ways you can get out if you do not have this option. There are also a few more Silent monks around here that you can kill.

Step 4 – Emmie, Bruno, and the other Source Hounds

This room in Fort Joy Prison is full of Source Hounds. Personally, I have a thing about killing animals in games, if I can help it… I mean aside from that one play-through of Baldur’s Gate where I did kill a little girl’s kitten on purpose… Moving past that thought, you can speak with the leader of the pack, a dog named Bruno.

You can also find Emmie here. Sadly there is no way in the base game to reunite Emmie and Buddy, which I think is a real tragedy. There are, however, mods that will allow you to do this. But if you are not keen on modding your game then don’t expect a particularly happy ending for those two. If you do mention buddy you will complete the quest Finding Emmie. You will need Pet Pal to do this. You may also be attacked by the Source Hounds, in which case you will have to do your duty and put them down.

Fort Joy Prison Step 4
You can enter this room either by breaking down the door, lockpicking the door, or by using Buddy’s Key.

Step 5 – Birdie

This small cell-like room is the Houndmaster’s chamber in Fort Joy Prison. It also contains a doggie by the name of Birdie. Birdie is suffering. It appears that the magisters have been feeding him something that makes him want to hurt people, people that smell like us.

In other words, they are turning this good-natured dog into another Source Hound. You can either leave Birdie in his cage or free him. If you free him he will ask why you freed him. He will provide a little more information. They have been feeding him dead Sourcerers.

Fort Joy Prison Step 5

You will have a very hard choice. Birdie will ask you to put him down. If you have persuasion on your Pet-Pal character, which you really should. You can do a persuasion check to help the dog. Doing so will net you a bunch of experience and Birdie will leave as a free dog. The alternative is to put him down, which is simply not acceptable.

Step 6

This small room has only one really notable item that you should grab and that is a jar of mind maggots. They are definitely as disgusting as they sound, but more importantly, they are worth a ton of gold in the early game.

Fort Joy Prison Step 6

Step 7 – Kniles the Flenser

This is where you will encounter Kniles the Flenser. Though he is only level four, he is not an enemy to be taken lightly. His attacks hit extremely hard and he should be your focus fire target. You will also be fighting three silent monks and three meat golems. If you have Fane in your group, he will ask to speak with the Flenser before your battle begins. You should let him do this, as it is part of his personal side quest.

After you defeat Kniles and his monstrosities, be sure to loot his body. He will have a “Faceripper”, which is an aptly named device that removes faces from corpses. In order to craft a Shapeshifting Mask, you will need one of each face type (Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Lizardman). Combine all four faces with a Source Orb, and you can take on the form of any race you need. This is especially important if you don’t have a lizardman or elf in your group, but need to do some Lizard or Elf specific tasks.

Fort Joy Prison Step 7
In the north-eastern portion of this room you will find, what can only be described as a gore pit. The little girl, Trice, will be standing terrified in the corner of the gore pit. Speak with her and she will tell you that she was captured by a bad man. She asks you to help her get out of the room. It is really easy to do so, simply use the nearby pipe and she will follow you out. This will also free you from Fort Joy, so if there are other things you want to finish in the Fort, you should do those things before clicking on the pipe.

Step 8

This door will take you to the door inside the Magister’s compound in the Fort Joy Overworld Map. It is on the other side of the gate from area (14). If you are seen by the magisters inside the compound you will be attacked on sight.

Fort Joy Prison Step 8



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