Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Deck

Eltimar will guide you through all the missions and secrets that can be found in the tutorial mission of Divinity Original Sin (THE HOLD) so you don’t miss a thing. 

February 2, 2023

Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Deck

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Deck Numbered

After speaking with Malady upon the death of Alexander, you will be taken to the Lady Vengeance, which is docked near the shore of Fort Joy. Unfortunately for you, the boat is unwilling to move. You will be taken to the Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Deck Map your goal on this massive warship is to figure out how to get it underway. This should initiate the Lady O’ War quest. This quest encompasses the entirety of the time you are on this ship.

Step 1

This is where you will arrive on the ship. You may notice that there are quite a few bodies around, both Seeker and Magister alike. You can have a brief conversation with your team to discuss the taking of the ship and the deaths of those around you. After you are done, it’s time to move on to the next phase.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Deck 1

Step 2

Let’s first head towards the bow of the ship. Here you will find an incinerated corpse and Maeve. Maeve will warn you that the ship appears trapped and that her companion tried to interact with it and was promptly turned into ash. If you speak with the figurehead without the proper phrase (which we will find later) you will explode into fire. It will hurt. Maybe avoid the dragon for a moment. After you have gone into Dallis’ cabin and found and read the Dusty Tome on her desk, you can return here to finally set sail. Make sure you have recruited the characters you want to bring with you at this point, because you will not get another chance. Speak with the dragon head and use the song that you learned from the Dusty Tome.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Deck 2
The ship will finally speak with you instead of lighting you on fire. It will first note that you are not Dallis and will ask you what you intend for the ship. You can become a new slave master or try and set the ship free. You will discuss the ship’s current existence and eventually you will declare it time to set sail. The ship will follow your commands and Malady will approach. Malady will ask if you are ready to leave and the game will warn you to ensure that you have the group you want with you. If you are sure you are ready to go all you have to do is tell her it is time. Get ready for a pretty interesting fight.

Step 3

Here you will find Gareth and Malady arguing about how to get the ship underway. Turns out that the boat has a mind of its own and doesn’t really feel like going anywhere. You will be tasked with figuring this puzzle out so that you don’t get murdered when Dallis returns for her flagship. There is also a staircase here that will lead to the Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Floor 1 map.

After your automatic interaction with Malady and Gareth, there are several people around the area you should have a chat with:

Malady – She will give you some hints on what you might be looking for.

Gareth – He will provide you some information on your destination and about his little fight with Malady. He will also let you know that Malady is not really a seeker, nor is she really an elf. He does admit that she is a great ally and that he admires her in some ways.

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Deck 3
You can speak with the other Seekers in the area, but they don’t offer much in the way of information. I should also note that you will be separated from your group members in this area. This will be your last chance to change the named NPC’s of your group. As you find the members you want with you while exploring the ship speak with them and have them rejoin your team. The ones you don’t choose during this portion of the game will no longer be accessible.

Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Floor 1

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 1 Numbered

Step 1

There are a few characters that will patrol through this area, but the main ones you will notice are Exter, and Beast, if he is not your main character. You can also find stairs leading back up to the Deck and a hatch leading down to Floor 2 in this area.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 1 Step 1
I should also mention that there is a chest here as well. It will be empty, but it will be a storage for you at some point in the near future. I would leave it alone for now though, just in case.

Step 2

Towards the bow of the ship you will find a few seekers milling around. They have nothing much to say, but you can also find Fane hanging out here if he is not your MC.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 1 Step 2

Step 3

At the aft of the ship you will find two of Dallis’s assistants just hanging out. Unfortunately, as they are silent monks, they will not really have much to say.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 1 Step 3

Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Floor 2

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 Numbered

Step 1

This is the floor where things really get interesting finally. You will first notice a very ornate door with Samadel and Han standing in front of it. Unfortunately neither of them have any clue how to open the door, so we have to go elsewhere for now.

There is also an ornate door to your north, but you will not be able to open this one yet either.

Once you have the six-sided gem from Alexander’s unconscious form at area (3), you can return to interact with the doors.

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 Step 1
The first door you should interact with is the north-most door (which is the one that Han and Samadel are not at. You can speak with the door and it will tell you that it won’t open and to use the Portside door. You can then ask it to open again and you can tell it you have forgotten the password. A quick persuasion check later and you can find out that the password is fortitude. Now head to the other door. Hold the six-sided gem up to the door and it will ask for the password, tell it Fortitude and you should have access to Dallis’s Chambers.

Step 2

Here you can find the mirror. This is perhaps the most important artifact in the game. It allows you to respect your character at will. If you lack the skill to make some of the persuasion checkers in this area simply reclaim some civil skill points from whatever they are in and jam them into persuasion and you should be good to go.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 Step 2

Step 3

Here you will find a rather large prison cell. You can find Lohse here if she is not your main character, and there will be a Seeker named Constance watching over the unconscious form of Alexander. Apparently he was not as dead as initially thought. Magister Ranley will also be in the cell, protecting her leader. Ask Constance to open the door so that you can speak with the prisoners. She will begrudgingly do so. If you try and interrogate her about how to get the ship moving, she will be defiant. You can threaten her if you have persuasion skills. She will let you know that Dallis used to sing to the ship and that she had an old book of hymns and incantations she kept in her private cabin at the stern of the ship.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 Step 3
If you try to interact with Alexander, Magister Ranley will confront you. You can persuade her to leave you alone. The only important thing you need on his body is a six-sided gem that Alexander is wearing.

Step 4

Dallis certainly spared no expense on her personal chambers on the Flagship. She has an ornate bed, a massive wood and stone table, a huge trio of paintings and a beautiful desk. She also has a personal prisoner Tarquin.

Tarquin will speak with you once you enter. He is a very strange man and is definitely a Necromancer despite his protestations. He is also an exceedingly good store, so you should stay on his good side because you will be using him to buy and sell a lot of items throughout the game.

Once you are done talking to Tarquin loot everything in the room of value. You can immediately sell it to Tarquin if you do not want to carry it around. Once you are done with that there are a few things you should grab.

In a small strongbox right beside Dallis’s bed you will find a diary. It will provide you a little bit of insight into Dallis’s life.

On the desk there is a Dusty Tome. Simply picking it up will update the quest Lady O’ War you should also read it immediately as you will need the information within pretty soon.

On the table near Tarquin is a teleporter pyramid. This is an extremely useful artifact. If you use the artifact you will be teleported to a hold in the ship. If you did not fight Dallis earlier in the game and kill her Gheist pets they will both be here and you will be forced into combat with them. Just keep that in mind if you choose to use the pyramid.

Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 Step 4
There is a small button hidden to the north side of Dallis’s bed. You will need to have one character stand on the button which will cause a bookshelf to move on the north side of the room. Behind the bookshelf is another hidden button which will open the gate leading to a small treasure room, which you can loot. There is also a small hatch to the north of Dallis’ desk which will lead down into the hold that I mentioned above with the Gheists. There are only a couple items of note in the hold, specifically another pyramid and a jar of mind maggots. The pyramids are linked and you can teleport freely between them. This will be useful for getting past some puzzles or simply just making trips back to town more convenient.

Fort Joy – Lady Vengeance Battle

Dinasty 2 Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Battle

Step 1

This is where the main battle will take place. Facing your party of adventurers are two Gheists, two weaponized monks, and three silent monks. You will also have Gareth on your side. Your goal is to keep the enemies from disrupting Malady’s ritual. You can do this by incapacitating or killing your enemies. I suggest both.

Step 2

This is where Dallis and the Cloaked Man will be standing. They will use spells to hinder your attempts to destroy their minions. You cannot kill either the cloaked man or Dallis, however you can defeat them. If you reduce them to 1 hp they will leave the fight and the encounter will immediately end. You will get an extra reward for doing this in the form of a pretty powerful hammer.
Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Battle

Once the fight is over Malady will cast her ritual and your ship will be catapulted into the Hall of Echoes. This will end the quest Lady O’ War.




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