Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide: Fort Joy
January 18, 2023

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Congratulations! You have survived THE HOLD (in case you haven’t made it past the tutorial deck, make sure you check out our guide for it first). You are now in Fort Joy, one of the largest areas in Divinity Original Sin 2. New dangers, foes, and friends are waiting!

We’ve put together the most comprehensive Fort Joy walkthrough, together with a detailed map for improtant locations and extra tips for all encounters. Enjoy! 🙂

Fort Joy Walkthrough – Overworld

Fort Joy - Overworld Numbered

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 24A | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 |

If you’re struggling with this map, make sure to check out this INCREDIBLE interactive map of Fort Joy, which includes the Hollow Marshes, created by reddit user The_Mighty_Tspoon

Step 1

Ok guys, let’s start this Fort Joy walkthrough. Be warned, this guide is pretty long! We added markers for every important Fort Joy map locations and you can click on them to be sent to the map.

Note that in this game, you will encounter different quests like in the stages at the prison and my favorite, the Elven Caverns.

The beach is where you will wake up after your brush with death. There are a few things to take a look at if you are into exploring the world, including a statue of Braccus Rex just to your east. You should also probably head to this statue to make sure you get the waypoint. Though you will not be coming to this particular location often, it is nice to have for a few items we will get a little later on.

Fort Joy Overworld step 1
You will also see a young child by the name of Tam east of the statue. He will let you know a bit about the situation in Fort Joy, and that there is apparently a cure for Sourcery.

Step 2

Just south of the beach you will encounter two voidspawn, who apparently survived the shipwreck. They are pretty easy to notice as they are both standing beside a pretty significant pool of blood and the corpse of magister Jalen. Kill them both and loot the area.

Fort Joy Overworld step 2

Step 3

Further south from the Voidlings, assuming you have the DLC installed, you will find the brave squirrel knight Sir Lora. He will follow you throughout the game and has a minor but amusing impact on the game itself. He doesn’t really help in any significant way and will most likely get himself killed. Luckily, even if he dies he will stick with you. So don’t worry too much if he shuffles off the mortal coil.
Fort Joy Overworld step 3

Step 4

Here you will find the first companion you can take with you, the Red Prince. You can also choose to murder him and take his equipment, but if you do that you don’t ever have the option of taking him along again. So take him along or not, it is your choice. If you have him join your group, it will begin the quest The Red Prince/Redemption.
Fort Joy Overworld step 4

Step 5

A little ways east of the Red Prince and you may encounter a black cat. If you keep it alive until you leave Fort Joy, it will give you a pretty neat skill and will be a summonable creature for you. If it dies, it is gone forever. It is also very difficult to keep safe because it seems to love running through fire and poison. If it dies I wouldn’t worry too much, but if you are like me and hate to see cute fluffy animals die, try to keep it alive as long as possible.
Fort Joy Overworld step 5

Step 6

Here you will find Trice, one of the children who were on the boat with you. She was also one of the children on the life raft that guilts you into going to help the playable NPCs while the ship is under the attack of a Kraken. She will thank you for helping to save her and either give you some adulation for going to save the NPCs or admonish you for not doing so. She doesn’t have much use otherwise.
Fort Joy Overworld step 6

Step 7

Here you will find Fane, crouching near a pool of poison. He will also be carefully removing the face from a human corpse… so that’s a thing. He will also let you know that he is an “Eternal” which is an ancient race that has apparently gone missing. He was sealed in a tomb and this kept him safe from the disappearance of his people. You can recruit him into your party and I would recommend doing so. He has one of the coolest impacts on both the Main Story and Side Stories. If you have him join your group, you will begin the quest Fane.
Fort Joy Overworld step 7
When you are on the quest The Teleporter, you will be led here by Gawin after you liberate the teleportation gloves from the Crocolisks. He will ask you to teleport him across the gap, presumably to freedom. Of course he had no intention of actually helping you escape, but luckily he will leave you with one of the most useful items in the early game, the teleportation gloves. So it isn’t a complete waste helping him. This will also end the quest, The Teleporter.

Step 8

This is the entrance to Fort Joy proper. There are two ways you can go about getting into the Joy. The first way is just to approach the front gate and watch the cutscene, after which you will be able to enter the Fort with no issue. The second way is through a ladder just to the west of the main gate. I recommend this route as it will give you the ability to have a great fight with a ton of experience later on. Either way, once you are in the Joy there are a lot of things to explore and a lot of people to talk to.
Fort Joy Overworld step 8
When you are around level five or six, you will run out of things to do before you are forced to leave Fort Joy. Your confrontation with Dallis and Alexander has to take place before you actually leave the Fort and enter the Hollow Marsh, so when you feel ready prepare for a really rough battle. I am not going to provide a battle strategy for this fight. There are many such strategies on the net that you can find. I will simply break down what you are going to be facing.
Dallis and Alexander are both level eight. Do not take either of them lightly. Luckily you only have to kill one of them before both will leave the fight. You should focus fire on either Alexander or Dallis first. Unfortunately, they are not the only enemies you will have to contend with. Two level eight Gheists called the Hammer’s Pet will also be present in this battle. They hit extremely hard. Good luck. If you can do this fight you will get a lot of experience and an achievement, if you remove Alexander from combat first. I should also note that you have to initiate combat before they speak to you, otherwise Alexander and Dallis both leave, with the Gheists, which basically ends any challenge in the fight.

Now, if you did decide to do the “Kill Alexander and/or Dallis route” unfortunately good Magister Borris will have been caught in the crossfire. If you have Ifan in your group, he will want a specific note off of Borris’s body to continue his side quest chain. Borris will also have a key that can be used on the gate at (14).

Step 9

There are a couple of people around this area to talk to:

Magister Yarrow – She will ask you if you have seen a large inmate by the name of Migo. This will start the quest The Murderous Gheist.

Fara – Just to the south of Yarrow, you will find Fara, a grieving mother who is looking for her missing daughter. She will not give you the quest if you speak with her as an elf, so use another character to do so. You should also ask for her daughter’s doll which she will provide. After that if you ask for the doll again, she will not be able to find it. This shows that she has mental health concerns. She will also not accept that her daughter is dead after you obtain that news from Jeth. Note: This used to be part of a quest called Every Mother’s Nightmare, but it has been removed from the game in the definitive edition. It was never finished in the initial release either.

Jeth – He will tell you that Fara’s daughter was killed by Voidwoken a month prior, and that her daughter had never even been to Fort Joy. Fara has gone mad with grief.

Fort Joy Overworld step 9

Step 10

There is a trio of gamblers here who will try to sucker you into playing. Though you will have a pretty good hand, you will lose. You can accept your loss and leave or you can fight and kill the gamblers. A better plan is to avoid this entire conversation until after you have spoken to Doctor Leste and Dain at (20). Once you have obtained the sparkler card you can go back and win against the gamblers. They will not be particularly happy about losing and will attack you. Kill them and loot their bodies.

Fort Joy Overworld step 10

Step 11

A woman named Myra will be here. If your leader is Ifan Ben-Mezd she will initiate contact with you by faking choking and then accusing you of murder. You can choose whichever option you want in the conversation. She isn’t super important to anything. You can also try to talk to her again with Ben-Mezd but she will run away. If you talk to her with another character you can ask if she needs help. She is having some sort of collar related panic attack though and you won’t be able to solve her problems.
Fort Joy Overworld step 11

Step 12

In this clearing you will encounter several merchants, and some other people of import. Most of them have a set patrol path so you might have to search a tiny bit to find them, but they will be around here somewhere.

Gawin – He offers you a chance of escape if you will just go with him alone. But first he needs you to retrieve an item that will fuel your escape. This item is a pair of gloves that will allow you to teleport him out. He does mention that the gloves are under the watchful gaze of a few Crocodilians, which you are definitely going to have to fight in order to get the gloves. He also sells Aerotheurge spells. So just keep that in mind. This encounter will start the quest The Teleporter.

Fort Joy Overworld step 12

Once you have the gloves in question he will tell you to follow him. Travel to area (7) where he will ask you to teleport him down to the tree trunk. Do so and he will teleport you to him. You will then teleport him across the gap where he will abandon you. Turns out he is a jerk.

Laslor – He won’t have much to say unless you talk to him with Beast or Lohse in your group. If you have these characters some songs will be sung. If you have Lohse in your group in particular, the dwarf will recognize her and ask her for a song. She will begin to play, but things will go awry. Something is clearly wrong with Lohse regarding her musical talents. Something evil does not want her to sing.

Saam – A lizardman who is desperately trying to diffuse a volatile situation after he told Baladir his wife might be better off dead than in the care of the Magisters. Baladir does not take kindly to this and straight up kills Saam. You can loot him of course.

Baladir – A grieving human who is in the process of burying his wife. He is having an argument with Saam regarding how lucky his wife is to be dead. This inevitably ends with a knife to the throat and a dead Saam. If you talk with him further, you will discover that he is building a coffin for his wife and that she would have jokingly complained about the construction quality. The man is clearly grieving. He doesn’t have much to say after that.

Step 13

There are a few things you are going to want to interact with and people you are going to want to talk to. I will, however, hazard a warning here. If you chose to skip the encounter at the gate to Fort Joy, you are going to want to stay clear of that area so that you do not trigger the event by accident.

Lohse – The first person you are probably going to want to talk to is Lohse, who survived the boat’s destruction and has made herself at home. She also has a few concerning demonic moments that may make you rethink bringing her along in your group, but I would recommend you do so. Her side quest is one of my favorites in the game. She is also a very amusing character. If you have her join your group, you will start the quest Lohse.

Statue of the Divine – This is another waypoint. You don’t necessarily have to click on it, but if you want the full immersive atmosphere of the game, you should do so. After you have talked to Withermoore in the Elven Cave, you will also find a hidden button here that will open hatch to the map Fort Joy – Underground Tunnel.

Ifan Ben-Mezd – This lone-wolf operative fills the mercenary with a heart of gold trope. He is in Fort Joy for a specific reason and to complete a specific task. I really enjoy his personality and his side-quest, so I would recommend bringing him along. If you read the note in his inventory, you will also begin the quest Ifan Ben Mezd/A Wolf Alone.

Fort Joy Overworld step 13

Kana, Burro, Elodi – You will witness an encounter between these three here. It appears that Kana and Burro are shaking down poor Elodi for some money for a man named Griff. You can choose to side with the elf or the humans. I would advise siding with the elf as it will give you some street cred with the long-eared folk. Also if you are playing as Ifan, you will be able to get Kana and Burro to run away just by mentioning that you are, or were, a member of the Lone Wolves. Apparently they are kind of a big deal. Elodi will ask you to follow her to a safe place, but we don’t need to worry about that for now. This encounter will start the quest The Shakedown.

Nebora – The blacksmith of Fort Joy is a rather gruff individual. If you have Fane in your group he will want to speak with her privately, where he will literally ask about her ability to make him a “faceripper”. This will give you some knowledge about a man named Niles. We will find out all about him later though. In addition to some basic crafting equipment, she also sells summoning books. Just a heads up. Nebora will also be able to remove your source collar if you are successful in becoming champion of the Fort Joy Arena, which I will cover later in this guide.

Step 14

In this tent you will find a woman, Mona, who is suffering some form of horrible illness. If you get too close to her you will also get diseased, although yours will be temporary. She also sells Necromancy books. The disease will last ten turns, which isn’t a huge amount of time, but I would recommend that you don’t get into any fights until it wears off.

There is also a nearby gate with a few Magisters guarding it. You can initiate combat and kill them, but hold off for now.

Fort Joy Overworld step 14
You may also find Magister Borris here, if you did not follow my advice and actually walked in the main gate and watched a horrific execution. If you are playing as Ben-Mezd, Borris will provide you some information on how you are to accomplish your mission in the form of a letter. You can avoid this whole conversation by killing him and taking the letter from his corpse though. Just a heads up.

Step 15

Griff and Amyro – Here you will find one of the major players in Fort Joy, Griff. You will be able to find out more about his past later in the game, but from first impressions you will probably find him to be a scummy opportunist who has used his limited authority and control of food to become a pseudo-tyrant. You can speak with him about things going on at Fort Joy, but you won’t get much out of him until you speak to his prisoner, Amyro.

Once you speak with Amyro, you will discover that Griff has had a crate of citrus go missing. Amyro is the alleged culprit, but you can offer to look into this crime to make sure that Griff has the right person. You can get into a fight if you try to force Griff to release the Elf without finding the fruit, so in the interests of keeping the peace for now, leave and investigate the crime. This will give you the quest: The Imprisoned Elf.

After you have obtained the oranges from Stingtail, he will free Amyro who will tell you that he knows a way out of the Joy, but that he is also the protector of a young Elven girl named Saheila. He asks for your help in getting word to Saheila’s people, on the mainland, that she is still in Fort Joy. He will also give you an amulet which you cannot wear yet due to the Source Collar. This will start the quest Saheila’s People.

Fort Joy Overworld step 15

Hilde – A woman named Hilde also patrols around this area. She sells Scoundrel skills and some other miscellaneous items.

Butter – There is another woman named Butter. She is a sweet young woman who you can flirt with and she sells Huntsman skills.

You will also be able to find a hatch here that leads down into the map Fort Joy – Arena of the One.

Step 16

This is where you will find Beast, one of the playable NPCs you can recruit. He is a surly Dwarf who can make a pretty good addition to your team. He is probably my least used character so while I was playing through the game for this guide, I decided to bring him along with me. If you have him join your group, you will start the quest Beast.

You will also find a crab in the area known as Septa the Ineffable. This crab is apparently a Sourcerer of great might and it may know a way out of the Fort. Unfortunately it chooses not to help you in any way. It is kind of a jerk honestly.

Fort Joy Overworld step 16

Step 17

There are three individuals in this area that you can interact with.

Narin – This is a man who is specifically waiting for the Red Prince. If you do not have the Red Prince in your party you will not have a lot to do with this person, but if you do, he will attack you. You can also kill him yourself for the experience. He gives a fair amount so it is worth doing.

Margo – This woman is profoundly lonely. Her entire family was brought to the Joy and one by one they were taken by the Magisters. She wonders if they have all been freed. Allow her to tell you her story and she will give you a restoration scroll for listening.

Maol – Just south of Margo, you will find Maol on the beach. He will give you an item based on which character you speak with him with and which answer you give. He also sells geomancy skills.

Fort Joy Overworld step 17

Step 18

This is where you will find Sebille. She is a playable NPC that can join your group. She is also a deeply troubled elf that will end up killing a lot of people during your playthrough. She does have a very cool side-quest involving the Elves and the Mother Tree though. If you have her join your group you will begin the quest Sebille.

Fort Joy Overworld step 18

Step 19

This is where you will find Stingtail. He is actually useful for three quests. He is the actual culprit who stole Griff’s oranges, though it turns out they were actually just a vessel for drugs. If you have Sebille in your group, she will also want to have a quick and lethal word with him.

The only problem with killing this rather annoying NPC is that he is the only merchant that sells pyromancy skills until you reach the Shrine of Amadia. This isn’t a huge concern though, so feel free to kill him and take the oranges.

The elf you can free is much more important than this guy. He will also drop a bunch of pyromancer books when he dies anyways.

I would also note that you can initiate a quest with Stingtail called Redemption. He will ask you to get some more Drudenae before providing you with information regarding the other dreamers. This is a part of the Red Prince’s side quest. You will not have access to this quest if he is not in your group.

If you have Sebille in your group she will also kill him right away so just make sure you have completed the other quests first before you let her talk to him.

Fort Joy Overworld step 19

Step 20

Doctor Leste and Dain – There is a man here who ran afoul of the gamblers. The Doctor is treating him but she wants some alcohol. You can give her some liquor and get some experience. You can also heal Dain and he will give you a card known as the Sparkler. Leste also sells polymorph skills.

Buddy – Buddy is a dog. The best dog. You will need Pet Pal to speak with him, but I highly recommend you do. It turns out that Buddy is a little bit depressed. He let’s you know that his mate Emmie has gone missing. If you are kind to him and offer him some well-deserved scratches he will provide you with a key known as “Buddy’s Key”. This will also initiate the quest Finding Emmie.

To the south of the Doctor and Dain you should see the entrance to a cave. This cave houses the Elves. Now it is very important you do not bring Lohse into this cave. You can end up in a battle with the Elves if you do so. Leave her outside and do the talking with another character. Entering the transition point will take you to the map Fort Joy – Elven Cave.

Fort Joy Overworld step 20

Step 21

This is where you will find the horrifying revenant Migo. He is a level three creature. Before you approach him, pick up a Yarrow flower. They grow in various locations around the island so it should not be particularly hard to find one. This will pacify him. Now that he is pacified, head back to (9) and let Magister Yarrow know where Migo is. She will go to see him, netting you a bunch of experience. You should then kill them both for extra experience and the fact that he is a ravenous ghoul. Yes, he has a sad story, but let’s face facts. He flat out murdered and ate at least a couple of people and would probably continue to do so. This will also net you Migo’s Ring, which is a decent healing item for the early stages of the game, and Migo’s Breastplate, which is a pretty decent piece of chest armor. This will end the quest The Murderous Gheist.

Just to the north of Migo is a pile of sand that you can shovel to reveal a path to the map Fort Joy – Underground Tunnel map.

Fort Joy Overworld step 21

Step 22

This is where you will find the Crocodiles who are in possession of the teleportation gloves. They are level three, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble killing them. The Crocodile that has magical defense is the one with the gloves and is also the hardest to kill for obvious reasons. Once they are dead, loot one of the most useful items in the early game. The gloves of teleportation will grant you the infinite ability to teleport people and objects around. This will open up the possibility for you to find and gather a lot of secret treasures, and access previously inaccessible areas. One such area is to the north of the dead crocodiles.

Fort Joy Overworld step 22

There is a small rocky outcropping with a basket and some bottles of beer abandoned. It’s not of any particular importance, but if you were looking to grab some alcohol, teleport a character over there and loot it all.

You should also loot the body of Magilla, who has a bloodstained journal on his corpse. Reading it will let you know that there is a vault on the island, and will begin the quest The Vault of Braccus Rex.

Step 23

In this area you will find two NPCs, Coral and Unnis.

Coral – This scared child will tell you that she is afraid of lizards because her master was a lizard and that the lady lizard had sent Coral and her parents to Fort Joy. If you comfort the girl she will give you a scroll.

Unnis – This highly defensive elf will initially tell you to leave immediately. No matter what you say, if you are a human you will not be able to speak with her further. In order to get past this barrier, simply speak to her with a non-human character. She will ask if an unknown female sent you and if you are from the shelter. If you lie to her you can extort some money from her, but if you are playing a good character she will simply ask you to leave and lead no one here.

Fort Joy Overworld step 23

Step 24

Here you will find a few ancient turtles just lazing around. If you approach the largest of the turtles, they will become corrupted and you will have to fight them. I don’t know of any way to avoid this so you will have to put them out of their corrupted existence. It is worth some experience so I would recommend doing this. The largest turtle will also drop a poison wand called the turtle claw.

On the body of a bloated corpse you will find a soggy diary. You will discover that the man had a rough go of things at the Joy and decided to give swimming to freedom a shot. It apparently did not go particularly well.

In this area there is also a chest to the west you should grab. It requires a lockpick to open.

Fort Joy Overworld step 24

Step 24(a)

More importantly, just to the east of the area is a rather large and broken ship. You will find a lot of dead people on the boat. There are also a handful of Magisters who have cornered an elf. The Magisters seem to be of the opinion that the Elf murdered the crew of the ship after she crashed it. She is of the opinion that the crew killed themselves when they tried to take her spores.

You can side with the elf against the magisters, but if you do that you won’t be allowed to loot the Greaves and Boots of contamination. You always have the option to kill everyone aboard. The Magisters are evil, we know that, who knows what the elf is doing (if you don’t kill her now you will get another chance later or you can keep her alive the whole quest. Up to you). Anyways once you have dealt with the situation you should loot everything around you.

Fort Joy Overworld step 24(a)

The most important thing to loot is either a Contaminated Magisters Foot or the remains of the elf Scion. If you have an elf in your party you can simply eat it with them, if you don’t, wait until you have the Mask of the Shapeshifter and then use it to turn into an elf and eat the remains. This will teach you a skill called Trigger Spores.

The other important things to grab on the boat are the Flawed Contamination Spore and a book that tells you the location of other spores. The questline associated with this event Seed of Power continues in Act 2.

Step 25

There is a ledge here that you can teleport a character onto, using the gloves of teleportation, or the level 2 aerotheurge spell teleport. Be careful not to be seen in this area, as the magisters will attack you for being in this area. There is a ladder you can press on the ledge to allow your other characters to ascend. You should do this, as teleporting each character up one at a time is really really inefficient.

Once everyone is up on the ledge, lockpick the door or break it down. You will find yourself in a relatively small chamber, which is Orivand’s room, full of loot. Take anything you want, but be careful you don’t enter the next room yet. You will be involved in a fight if you do.

Fort Joy Overworld step 25

One item of particular note that you should pick up is the book Dwarven Customs and Traditions. This will begin the quest Keep Calm and Carrion. Unfortunately you will not be able to complete this quest until Act 2 so just hang onto the book for now.

Once you are finished looting everything and you feel ready for a fight feel free to open the door and face off against the High Judge himself.

Step 26

As soon as you enter this room, you will be confronted by High Judge Orivand. He will ask you why you interrupted the proceedings and if you will submit to being cured of Sourcery. He will then show you how he cures people. Turns out he is making them into the Silent Monks, basically meat husks with no personality or life left in them. The cure is worse than the disease! Anyways, you will end up in a battle against him two spell-casting Magisters, and two warrior Magisters. He is by far the most dangerous opponent, but do not underestimate his cronies.
Fort Joy Overworld step 26
I should also note that fighting the Judge will not cause the other Magisters to go hostile to you, so long as you aren’t seen in the Fort itself by the other Magisters. So feel free to put down that arrogant evil man. You will also be able to find another means to exit the Fort. In the south-eastern corner of the room you will notice there is a gaping hole in a turret wall leading to a pair of cranes and a wooden platform. You can descend from the lowermost wooden crane to an area outside of Fort Joy, thus completing your escape.

Step 27

This is a room that could loosely be described as an antechamber for the Court at (26). It has a few treasures littered around and a few paintings. It also has a stairwell that leads back down to the map Fort Joy – Dungeon.

Fort Joy Overworld step 27

Step 28

Here you will encounter Paladin Cork being dressed down by Magister Captain Trippel. There will be several level four magisters in the area just jonesing for a fight. In order to get the best ending to this particular encounter, you should aim to keep Paladin Cork alive.

This is not as easy as you may think, as he has a penchant for racing into danger against all odds. The hardest part of this entire fight is keeping that suicidal warrior alive. Once you have defeated your enemies speak to Cork. It turns out that he was sent here to investigate what exactly goes on at Fort Joy. It also turns out that the Magisters have decided to take matters into their own hands, bringing them into conflict with their brother organization, the Paladins.

Fort Joy Overworld step 28

Step 29

This is the primary means to get out of Fort Joy. It is a drawbridge that you can gain access to in a variety of ways, but ultimately you can also just kill all the Magisters standing between you and it. Leaving from this particular path will cause you to trigger the “leaving Fort Joy” updates to your quest log. If there is anything you want to finish before that, feel free to do so.
Fort Joy Overworld step 29

Step 30

This door will lead you to the docks. There will be a pretty hefty fight in store for you once you enter this area, but assuming you have cleared most of the other encounters in this zone beforehand it should really not provide much of a challenge. You should also note, while exploring the docks, that you will find the body of Gawin, assuming you teleported him over to this area as requested. It seems his little stunt did not go too well and he got his just deserts after all. Gawin’s body will have a unique robe and some skill books for Aerotheurge. You should pick them up.

We hope you enjoyed our Divinity Original Sin 2 Fort Joy walkthrough and make sure to check out all our other pages and guides for more info on secrets and side-quests. As we mentioned before, this game is huge, and the area around Fort Joy is quite impossible to figure out completely on one’s own!

Fort Joy Overworld step 30



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