Divinity Original Sin 2 – All Fort Joy Quests
January 18, 2023

All Fort Joy Quests Explained

A Fate Worse than Death

This quest only becomes available after you have escaped Fort Joy. While exploring the world, you will discover the ruins of a maze (the Gargoyle Maze) that lead to a tower overlooking the coast. You can find the tower at location (46) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. After you complete the maze you can enter the tower where you will find three necromancers, Tamsyn, Rask, and Gwick. Simply entering the tower will cause this quest to be entered into your journal.

If you are forced to fight the necromancers (having failed a persuasion check) they will respawn unendingly. In order to make sure they remain dead, you are going to have to destroy their respective soul jars. You can do this in two ways. The first is by placing it on the ground and simply hitting it with a weapon. The easier and more effective way is to “use” the soul jar, in which case you will get a pretty cool story and then you can smash it on the ground as part of the conversation window.

The jars themselves are housed within the Fort Joy – Dark Cave area, where they are under the lock and key of a rather annoying cursed illusionist by the name of Trompdoy. You can destroy the Soul Jars immediately upon picking them up, while in the Dark Cave, but I actually recommend killing the necromancers in a fight or succeeding in the persuasion check first for a little extra experience. The jars can be located at location (5) of the Dark Cave map.

Fort Joy Overworld step 1

A Wolf Alone

This Fort Joy quest is only available if you have Ifan Ben-Mezd in your group. To obtain the quest, simply read the Mysterious Letter in your inventory. It will provide you some guidance on who you need to talk to, and that person is Magister Borris.

Now Magister Borris, like most Magisters, is a prick. He will task you with killing an elf by the name of Saheila. I would not recommend killing her as she is actually kind of important to several other quests later in the game. You know who isn’t important at any other time during the game… Borris. If you choose the path to kill Saheila you can return and he will give you the information regarding the contact. Alternatively, you can perform an intimidate persuasion check to get him to give you the name without killing the elf. Finally, you can straight up murder him and his Magister friends and take the note with the contact name from his cold, dead body.

You can find Magister Borris either at area (8) or (14) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map

Next up on your list of things to do is to find Zaleskar. He will only become available after you leave the Fort Joy Keep. Once you do, he is on a bridge relatively close to the Fort itself. Take a look at the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh at location (33). He will tell you that your mission is to kill Alexander and provides you with a moderately good crossbow.

The final portion of this quest is simply to kill Alexander. Being as he is part of the final encounter in Fort Joy, you really have no choice but to finish this quest if you want to leave the island. He is located at area (57) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map.

Fort Joy Overworld step 6

Artefacts of the Tyrant

This quest will require you to locate five pieces of armor hidden around Act 1. The items and their locations are listed below:

Tyrant’s Stride – This pair of pants is located in the map Fort Joy – Ancient Passage Map at location (3). To obtain these pants you simply have to interact with the statue and have a wits score of 15.

Tyrant’s Helm – This helmet is located within the map Fort Joy – Braccus’ Armory at location (2). In order to obtain this item you have to allow Source to surge into the monolith. This will cause it to open and you can take your prize.

Tracks of the Tyrant – This pair of boots is located in the shorn off ruins of a tower located at location (45) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. It is relatively easy to obtain, simply teleport a character into the tower and loot the bodies as fast as possible. You can use the vines to escape before the elemental damage gets too intense.

Heart of the Tyrant – This chestpiece is housed in the Fort Joy – Dark Cavern map at area (5). You can check out that map to figure out exactly how to reach this room, but once you have found the treasury you simply need to pick up the item.

Hands of the Tyrant – These gloves are located in the depths of the map Fort Joy – Braccus Rex’ Tower at location (5). There are two sarcophagi in the room. The left sarcophagus is trapped and requires 18 strength to open.

Once you have all five pieces of armor the quest ends. If you want to use the set, you have to equip all of the items on one character or you will suffer the individual curses on each item.

Fort Joy Overworld step 7

Call to Arms

This Fort Joy quest is obtained from Gareth after you save him from a squad of magister foes at the Braccus’ Armory located at area (44) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. He will return to the Shrine of Amadia at area (40) where he will ask you to find a method of getting past the Shriekers who are blocking the path to Dallis’s flagship, the Lady Vengeance.

In order to advance this quest, you need to obtain one of three things. You will either need Purging Wands, The Tyrant Helm from the Artefacts of the Tyrant Quest, or you need to have freed the dragon Slane. Once you have one of these things you can tell Gareth that it is time to attack the magisters and claim the flagship.

After the seekers have advanced to the Abandoned Camp located at area (53) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map, you can tell Gareth to attack. There are a few ways that you can prepare the seekers for the attack. The first is to use purging wands to clear out the Shriekers. The second way is to use the Tyrant’s Helm to destroy the Shriekers. The third way is that Slane, true to his word, will help you out in your time of need. I should note that Slane will only appear if you freed him from the witch and gave him his Source back.

NOTE: If Gareth dies at any point Exter will take over for him in regards to the Seeker attack and you can still complete the quest. Exter is also located at the Shrine of Amadia.

Fort Joy Overworld step 8

Finding Emmie

This is probably the one of my favorite quests in the game, with one of the most unsatisfactory endings. You can obtain this quest from the dog Buddy, which you can find at location (20) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. You will need Pet Pal to speak with him, but he will tell you that a friend of his, Emmie, was taken away by the magisters.

In order to find Emmie you will have to travel to the Fort Joy – Prison map. She is located at location (4) and will be in the presence of several Source Hounds. If you mention Buddy she will be very happy to hear about him, but sadly there is no way to reunite them. Once you speak with Emmie the quest will end. I should note that if you are not wearing a Source collar at this point the dogs will attack you on sight and you won’t be able to talk to Emmie.

Fort Joy Overworld step 9

Healing Touch

You can initiate this quest when you reach the Shrine of Amadia at area (40) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. There will be three wounded seekers that you will find almost immediately after entering the camp. They are Matis, Klaud, and Jules. To start the quest, you simply need to heal one of them. The quest will be concluded when you heal all three of them. They will give you items after you heal them.

I should note that if you wait too long before healing them when you are in the camp they will die and you will be unable to complete the quest. It is advisable you do this right away.

Fort Joy Overworld step 10

Most Dangerous When Cornered

There are two methods to initiating this quest. The first way you can start the quest is by approaching area (44) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. The other method is by talking to the seekers at the Shrine of Amadia at area (40).

There are two groups of magisters in the armory keep. You can persuade the group in the courtyard to leave of their own accord, if you have high persuasion, but in order to save Gareth you are going to have to kill the other group.

Depending on how you handle the magisters you may be drawn into combat immediately, or you may be able to set up your group ahead of time. If you are able to set up your group, simply talk to Gareth to start the fight or unleash a surprise attack on the magisters. After killing the magisters, Gareth will tell you that he has a plan to steal Dallis’s flagship and asks you to meet him at the Shrine to Amadia at area (40).

You should also not approach the Shrieker unless you have a purging wand or the full Tyrant Set and can use the Helm of the Tyrant to purge the Shrieker.

Fort Joy Overworld step 11

Nothing But Child’s Play

This quest will be initiated if you save Delorus from the Magister Houndmaster at location (9) in the Fort Joy – Underground Tunnel map. If you are kind to him and help him out, he will tell you about a small dock where you can find a pair of magisters who are helping to smuggle Sourcerer’s out of the fort.

Once you enter the Fort Joy – Prison map, simply head to location (3) where you will find Magister Carin and Goa. There is also a child named Han there as well. You can tell them the passcode and they will ask you to take Han with you. Alternatively you can kill them and get on the boat with Han anyways.

Fort Joy Overworld step 12

Signs of Resistance

This is an overarching quest that you will obtain automatically when you see Atusa get destroyed by Dallis at the gate of Fort Joy. There are multiple ways to advance the quest, such as:

– As an elf eating Atusa’s leg after she is destroyed. This will provide some information about a prisoner named Verdas.

– Speaking with Vasnya in the prison about the Seekers and the Magisters.

– Reading a letter in Dallis’s room at location (25) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map.

– Finding the Seekers in the Shrine of Amadia at location (40) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh.

– Finally, the quest will be completed when you speak with Gareth prior to advancing toward the Abandoned Camp and the final battle.

Fort Joy Overworld step 13

The Arena of Fort Joy

This quest can be obtained two ways. The first way is that Noosey in area (15) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map will let you know that the arena is a way for people to prove their worth. The second way is simply just to go down the hatch at this same location.

Once you have arrived in the Fort Joy – Arena of the One map. Simply speak with Thola, the Thorny One to start the encounter. You will have a battle against several NPCs and upon completing the fight your main character will be named Champion of the Arena. You will get a reward from Thola for winning.

As a side note, after winning this fight you can ask the blacksmith Nebora at location (13) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map to remove your collar. This will however cause you to run into problems with magisters so I would advise holding off on this until you are ready to leave the Fort.

Fort Joy Overworld step 14

Threads of a Curse

This is one of the four quests that were added in the ‘Four Rellics of Rivellon’ Gift Bag that was released on June 14, 2020. Unlike some of the other gift-bag sets, this one can be completed entirely within Act 1. Which is kind of nice.

To start this quest you must first find an arm jutting from the sand at location (51) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. You have to use a character with persuasion, and choose either the finesse or the strength persuasion option. It will point in a direction. You can pick it up and take it with you. If you ever need to get your bearings, you can simply drop it on the ground again and it will point you in the direction you need to go. If you aren’t keen on following the finger for yourself, simply read further to find out where you need to travel.

The next portion of this quest can be located at location (52) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. In order to reach this part you either have to teleport your group over from the nearby beach, or complete the Gargoyle’s maze and descend the back cliff of Braccus’ Tower.

You will see a chest placed in a circle of stones with what appears to be a shadowy shield atop it. I should have mentioned you are going to want to have some Source with you, because you are going to need to use bless in order to get the chest. A skeleton will climb out of the chest, and you will find yourself face to face with Captain Sech Zapor. You can try and persuade him to give you his coat, which is your first piece of the Set, or you can kill him by destroying his Soul Jar.

Once you have the coat in your possession, it is time to continue gathering the set. Quickly grab the Captain’s Log from the chest, read it, and head to area 49(a) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. Here you will find a cave. Enter it and walk towards the elaborate door, guarding the way into a small cabin. You should know the password from reading the captain’s log. Simply tell the door “High and hale waves take us.” Grab the hat and whatever other items you want, and head out.

Our next stop is location (54) on the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh Map. There is a buried treasure here near some vines. Once you unbury the treasure you will be in for a fight so be ready. The Captain will appear (assuming you didn’t kill him earlier), and you will be forced to enter combat. Defeat him and his crew. If you gave him his Soul Jar in exchange for his coat earlier in the quest, make sure you loot it from his body and destroy it, or he will come back to life. Once you have defeated the captain unlock the chest and grab the final piece of the set.

When you equip all three pieces at the same time they will become level 8 and this will also complete the quest.

Fort Joy Overworld step 15

The Armory

This is a relatively short quest that takes place all in one area. After saving Gareth at location (44) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. You can enter the map Fort Joy – Braccus’ Armory inside you will find a magister by the name of Sang. He has been horrifically cursed. You can’t save him so just make his end merciful.

Grab a source point from the Source fountain so that you can cast bless on the cursed lever near the large door in the room and then use the lever. You will come face to face with a monolithic vault. You will need another Source point to open it. Once you have you can grab the Tyrant’s Helm. This should end this quest.

Fort Joy Overworld step 16

The Burning Pigs

This quest requires you to have the ability to use bless and also access to some Source. At area (41) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map, you will run into a handful of immortal burning pigs. They are clearly having a bad day and have been cursed to burn forever by our favorite villain, Braccus Rex. In order to save the pigs you have to cast bless on each of them.

Upon casting bless on one of the pigs, an undead lizard by the name of Scapor will appear to stop you. She has also been cursed by Braccus Rex, only her curse is to ensure the ongoing curse of the pigs. You can kill her or convince her to let you go. Amusingly if you convince her to abandon her duty, you discover she really was cursed as well and she will immediately die. Once you have blessed all the pigs, they will leave the area.

To continue the quest, you need to find the pig Feder at area (48) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. She is lamenting the fact that she is cursed to be a pig forever, when actually she is a wizard and was once human. She will mention that she feels Amadia has abandoned her, and you can tell her about the Shrine of Amadia that the seekers are using as a hideout. She will head there and somehow get into the camp despite the fact it is only accessible by vines.

Head back to the Shrine of Amadia. If you haven’t already talked with the giant face of Amadia do so now. It is important that when you are speaking with the statue that you open yourself to the voice within the statue, it will tell you that its children are gone and dead in the cradle it wrought. Commiserate with the statue’s plight and let your grief overcome you. If you do so, the pool that the statue is crying into will become blessed water.

All you need to do at this point is tell Feder to enter the blessed pool and she will become human again. She is also a trader so that is neat.

Fort Joy Overworld step 17

Hot Under the Collar

There are two ways that you can remove your collar in this game.

The first, and probably easiest method of removing your collar is to become the Champion of Fort Joy. To do this, simply enter the Arena of Fort Joy and win the battle. Once you have accomplished this relatively easy feat, head to Nabora at location (13) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map and she will remove your collar for you. I should note that she will only remove the collar of your main character, so your other characters will have to wait for the second method of collar removal.

The second method will occur at the Shrine of Amadia, at location (40) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. The girl Leya will be sitting with a dwarf named Duggan. Leya has had a rough go of things and isn’t fully cognizant that you are around and that you require some aid. There are three methods to snap her back to reality and help you remove your collars.

The first is by having Beast in your group. If you speak with Duggan he will guide Leya into helping you remove your collars.

The second is with Lohse being in your group, where she can calm Leya and she will then remove your collars.

The Third is to complete the quest Most Dangerous When Cornered. When Gareth returns to the camp, Leya will remove your collars.

Finally, as a side note, if you never remove your collar (which would be silly considering you would miss a few lucrative sidequests) they will be automatically removed after you complete this Act.

Fort Joy Overworld step 18

The Cursed Ring

This is an interesting quest that you can obtain in the map Fort Joy – Dark Cavern. After defeating Trompdoy at location (5), you will pick up a ring called the Band of Braccus Rex. This ring will compel you to put it on, and is an homage to the one ring from Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings novels. This ring is cursed, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you do not have the bless spell, you will be subject to the curse effect upon putting on the ring. If, however, you do have the bless spell, which can be obtained by the statue just after the treasure room at location (6) of the Fort Joy – Dark Cavern map, or by the statue at location (42) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh Map, you can simply cast bless on the character wearing the ring and the debuff will go away.

There is no way to permanently remove the curse, however, and if you remove the ring and put it back on, you will have to bless your character all over again. You only need to put the ring on and remove the curse from your character once to complete this quest. It isn’t that good of a ring anyways so once you take it off, you will probably never put it back on anyway.

Fort Joy Overworld step 19

Escape from Fort Joy

This quest is automatically obtained as you advance past the tutorial level so don’t worry about needing to find an NPC or trigger an event. There are, however, so many different ways to leave the Fort, that I am not even sure a walkthrough is warranted. That being said, here are some of the ways in which you can leave the Fort behind you.

Kill everyone. Let’s face it, Magisters are pretty evil so you shouldn’t feel too bad about killing them all. There is a gate at location (14) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. It is guarded by four Magisters. Simply make them choke on their own blood, take the key from one of their bodies, open the gate, kill the magister group up the ramp to your left, destroy Magister Captain Trippel, and make your way to the drawbridge at location (29) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. Sure you will miss a lot of things with your blaze of glory, but you are a busy Sourcerer. Lower the drawbridge and you are free.

Escape through the Prison. There are several ways to enter the Prison. Get caught without a Source Collar on and surrender, travel through the Fort Joy – Underground Passage map past the fire slugs, sneak in through the fort itself after defeating either Magister Captain Trippel or by killing High Judge Orivand, and descending the stairs in the entry chamber of the fort. However you decide to enter the Prison, you will find yourself in the map Fort Joy – Prison simply make your way to location (7) and either give Kniles the leg of Atusa, who you may remember is the Magister that was exploded by Dallis, or kill him and his monstrous creations. In his chamber you will find a gore pit with a scared little girl hiding in it. You can simply escape through the sewer drain and you will be free.

Utilize The Crane. Within Fort Joy there is a chamber where High Judge Orivand does some pretty nefarious things. One thing he is really good at though, is dying horrifically to player characters when they want freedom. So, in order to use a crane to leave Fort Joy, simply murder High Judge Orivand at location (26) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. Once you are free to wander around without being harassed by enemies you will notice a hole in the turret in the corner of the room. The crane is blocked by some crates, but you can simply move them out of the way and step out into the sunlight. There is a crane at the end of some scaffolding that you can use to descend into the Hollow Marshes.

Teleport Your Way to Freedom. There are numerous places where you can simply teleport a character out of Fort Joy and into the Hollow Marshes, trying to identify them all would be a fruitless endeavor so I will just leave you with this. If you are impatient to leave, simply find a high point near the edge of the Fort and fiddle around until you have a line of sight to the Hollow Marshes beyond. All you have to do is get a single character out of the Fort itself and this quest will be over.

Take A Boat Ride. If you decide to save Delorus from his grievous wounds at area (9) of the Fort Joy – Underground Passage map. He will let you know about a few magisters who have taken it upon themselves to smuggle poor unfortunate Sourcerors out of the Fort and into the Marshes. Simply march yourselves up the nearby stairs and into the map Fort Joy – Prison. At location (3) you will find two Magisters and a young boy named Han. It doesn’t particularly matter if you get the Magisters on your side or if you murder them, simply talk to Han afterwards and then use the boat. You will be taken onto a beach just outside of Fort Joy.

Fort Joy Overworld step 20

The Eternal Worshipper

This quest can be initiated by speaking with the masked proprietress of the Shrine of Amadia at location (40) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map, Gratiana. She seems to be a kind and empathetic person, but boy are you in for a surprise. If you speak with her in depth about her past, you will find out that she was once a devout follower of Braccus Rex. She has done many abhorrent things in her life, and is trying to make amends.

If you journey into the Fort Joy – Dark Cavern, after your fight with Trompdoy, you will come across a room filled with treasure (location (6)). There will be several Soul Jars placed on pedestals around the chamber, for three separate quests, including this one. While the importance of the other Soul Jars will be noted in their own quests, the only one you will need in this case is Gratiana’s.

You can use the Soul Jar to obtain her memories and discover what she has done in the past. At this point it is judgment time. You can destroy the Soul Jar and kill Gratiana for her crimes or you can give her Soul Jar to her and let her continue her beneficent work and let her try to find redemption. The choice is yours.

The Gargoyle’s Maze

This is a rather lengthy maze that you can find at location (46) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. Your goal is simply to get through the maze and here is how you can do it:

This is one of the more complicated areas in the Fort Joy Overworld. One thing to note before we really get into the maze itself, is that you can skip the entire thing if you are in possession of the Band of Braccus Rex. So if you don’t feel like doing a maze, simply show the ring to the gargoyle overlooking the front gate of the maze and you will be teleported straight to the tower at the end. If you are a bit of a puzzle solver, head on into the maze and we will get started on finding our way through the place.

The first thing you are going to want to note when entering this place is that there are a lot of locked doors. You will not be able to lockpick them, as they require a X to open. You can also find a corpse nearby that will let you know about an item of Braccus Rex called the Devourer’s Gloves, which are one of the newly added Four Relics of Rivellon DLC. Anyways, pick up the book and let’s head into the maze itself.

Your goal in this maze is to use crumbling skulls to open doors strategically so that you can get through the maze. You can also choose to just avoid this mechanic entirely by the liberal use of the Teleportation spell, but that ruins the puzzle solving fun.

The first room you enter will have three doors (not including the one you came in) to the East, South, and West. There is also a button on the ground almost directly in front of the entrance to the maze. Simply step a character onto this button you should notice a skull appear on a stone shelf in the south-eastern portion of the room. Leaving the first character on the button, use one of your other characters to go pick up the skull.

You can head through the east-most door where you may notice a trap which will shoot a fireball at you. Largely you can ignore this though. Upon going through the door the Gargoyle will let you know that many have come through that path, but few survived. He welcomes us to join the dead, but we have no intention of doing so. Take the hatch to the other side and you will find yourself in a room with a glowing blue door. There will be a button hidden between the two oil puddles, feel free to jam a character or barrel onto it to keep the door open. In the room that you opened there will be a button on the ground near the Oil barrel. Place a character (or object) onto that button and go pick up your next skull, which should have appeared on the altar nearby.

Now that you have this skull, we can reach the tower, which we will be doing. Gather your group into the room with the two oil puddles and the button that opens the blue door and you will find yourself free of the maze. We aren’t quite done yet though. On the west side of the tower in a narrow path between the tower proper and the wall, you will see the corpse of Jimfred. On his body is another crumbling skull. It is time to go back into the maze and do a quick quest.

In the center of the maze you should see a man named “The Historian” ablaze on a dais in the middle of a large room. He is going to be someone we need to talk to. You can open a path to the Historian in the room with the blue door directly. Be warned that once you enter the room, you will be attacked by several angry fire skeletons who are not particularly keen on letting you talk with the historians. No negotiations can take place, just kill them.

Once you have eliminated the skeleton foes, you can have yourself a pleasant conversation with the Historian. He will tell that the flames cannot be quenched… He is wrong. First of all you will either need a way to make yourself bleed, by attacking yourself or using flesh sacrifice, or you will need the skill blood rain. Either way is fine. You are going to also need some source points and bless.

Your goal here is to quench the flames with blood and then bless the poor Historian to get rid of his Hellfire and curse. Once this is done he will talk to you about his punishment and why it happened. He is intentionally cryptic, which is a little annoying. Regardless, at the end he will teleport away. There is, unfortunately, no quest reward for freeing him aside from some experience. After teleporting away he will also open a portal in the same room that will take you to a cave area with another crumbling skull and a second portal. If you enter the second portal you will be shifted to another ledge with a chest which will have some miscellaneous items inside of it to grab.

While in this cave, you may also notice another portal in the middle of a rocky outcropping with lava below it. If you are feeling particularly explorative, you can teleport a character over to that outcropping. You can shift the teleportation gloves between your group members to facilitate transporting faster, but you will need two to be here so that you can teleport one of them to a small cliff with a smoldering dwarven body. There will be a few miscellaneous items on the body, a blank fire skill book, and a dagger. There isn’t anything really special about this area, just that it’s neat to explore. Once you have recovered your character you can take the portal to get back to the maze.

Assuming you exited from the portal on the central outcropping, you will find yourself on the battlements to the west of the Historian’s room. You should notice a button just to your north. Place one character on it, and you will see yet another crumbling skull in the room below you, with, what appears to be, a catapult. You should also notice an elven skeleton on the ground to the west of the battlement, and that there is also a door there. That is going to be your way into the catapult room. Open the door and grab the skull.

We are now officially running out of skulls. We have found five of the six skulls, and already used four of them. Open the door beside the portal that will lead you back to the Historian’s room and head to the tower itself. There is one more skull to find, but we have effectively gotten everything we need from the maze anyways.

For the final skull, we are going to go to the left of the tower (which is east). Near the back of the tower, you will see a human skeleton. It will have your final skull on it. You can also descend the back of the tower to the beach below, where you can find a treasure chest. So you might as well do that while you are here. Once you have grabbed all of your loot, head to the front of the tower.

When you approach the main door, depending on how you finished the maze, the gargoyle will either be impressed (if you didn’t cheat by using teleport to get through the maze) and give you a reward, or disappointed, which will not get you a reward, although you will still be allowed into the tower itself. Entering the door will take you to the map Fort Joy – Braccus Rex’ Tower.

The Imprisoned Elf

To say that poor Amyro is having a bad day is an understatement. It appears that he has been framed for the theft of “oranges”. If you are wondering why oranges are in quotes, well that will be explained shortly.

In order to pick up this quest, all you have to do is simply speak with either the camp chef Griff or the elven prisoner himself at location (15) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map, or by speaking to Saheila in the Fort Joy – Elven Cave. You will find out that Amyro has been imprisoned on account of the fact that some of Griff’s supplies have gone missing, and Amyro seemed like a pretty likely suspect for some reason.

The real thief, however, is a lizard dreamer by the name of Stingtail who is lazing around at location (19) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. While he is also useful for two other quests, he is standing between Amyro and his freedom. There are a few ways that this can go down. You can force him to give you the supplies, which it turns out are drugs. You can persuade him to hand them over. Or you can simply kill him and take the drugs off of his cold dead body.

If you let him live, for whatever reason, when you return to Griff with the oranges you can inform him of the identity of the thief. Stingtail will be dead shortly after this as Griff will send an assassin named Silence to take care of him. Alternatively, you can not inform Griff of the identity, in which case, you will be under heavy attack and forced to kill Griff and his cronies. Either way, once you are done with all this tomfoolery, simply free Amyro and follow him to the Elven Cave. After speaking with him in the cave, the quest will be complete.

The Injured Magister

This is one of the sadder quests in the game. While travelling through the Hollow Marshes you will come across a wounded Magister by the name of Loke. All of his allies are dead, and it would appear that he is the last remaining member of his troop. You can talk to him about what happened, but if he gets an inkling that you are a Sourcerer he will try and arrest you. Honestly he is a blind wounded Magister so there isn’t much of a chance of that happening. You can persuade him to let you go, or you can kill him. Either way this will end the quest.

But, the actual best way of finishing this encounter is to allow him to arrest you. He will, of course try, but before he can a squad of undead will explode from the ground and attack you. If you save him, he will let you go. You can then kill him for extra experience if you want… you monster.

Loke can be located at area (47) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map.

The Murderous Gheist

This is, again, a fairly sad quest that you can undertake in Divinity: Original Sin 2. One of the first NPCs you can talk to after entering the Fort is Magister Yarrow, who is patrolling the wall and has apparently lost an inmate by the name of Migo. You can find Yarrow at location (9) on the Fort Joy – Overworld map.

In order to find Migo, you will have to travel south onto an isolated beach located at location (21). Prior to approaching Migo, I would advise that you pick up a Yarrow Flower. There are several around the island and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one.

Migo has apparently lost any vestige of humanity and is now a revenant. If you have a flower, you can have a limited conversation with him and he will give you a ring that you can bring back to Magister Yarrow. Upon speaking with Yarrow again you will find out that Migo is her father and you can tell her his location. If you do, she will go running towards his location.

Simply talk to her when you arrive there and she will give a key and the quest will be completed. Alternatively, you can kill Migo and bring her back the ring as proof of his demise.

The method in which you can gain the most experience is to do the quest the peaceful way and then once you have gotten your sweet quest experience, murder both Migo and his Daughter for some extra experience on the side.

The Purged Dragon

Full disclosure, when I first saw a chained up dragon in Act one of D:OS 2, I was deeply worried that I was about to get annihilated. Turns out that Slane, who you can find at area (49) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map, is just a down on his luck dragon who has had his source ripped away by a witch and he is now her slave.

The first thing you have to do upon approaching the dragon is break the two chains binding him. If you don’t do this you won’t even be able to talk to him and you can never obtain, let alone finish this quest.

The mighty Wyrm will tell you that Radeka has taken his Source and he wants her wand so that he can return himself to full strength.

To obtain the wand simply have a wander into the nearby skull cave and make your way to the end. It is quite linear and aside from a bunch of traps there is only one encounter you will have to deal with. You can steal the wand from the Witch if you have enough thievery, but more likely than not you will be killing her. Her conversation path always ends in a fight anyways so might as well get the experience.

Once you have the wand simply take it back to Slane. Once you give him the wand he will promise to help you in the future and he will take off into the air. His help will come relatively soon in the form of destroying a bunch of Shriekers for you.

The Shakedown

This quest is one of the first ones you will run into upon entering Fort Joy. You will see an elf by the name of Elodi being bullied by some goons. Your task in this particular encounter is to either get the thugs to back down or just wipe them off the face of the world. Either way, once they are dead, Elodi will tell you to meet her at a secret cave. You can follow her to the Fort Joy – Elven Cave. She should be pretty easy to find within the cave and upon talking to her your quest should complete. She will also give you a severed head… as friends do.

The Shriekers

This quest is obtained from Gareth when he is explaining his plan to seize Dallis’ flagship the Lady Vengeance. You are tasked with obtaining weapons capable of destroying Shriekers. Luckily for you, Fort Joy is chalk full of ancient weapons, artifacts, and creatures that can help you out with this daunting task.

Purging Wand – The most common item that you can find for taking out Shriekers is a purging wand. You can obtain a wand from Radeka in the map Fort Joy – Radeka’s Cave. In addition, you can find expended purging wands, some of which can be refilled by Gratiana, an immortal former follower of Braccus Rex who has now devoted her life to good. She can be found at the Shrine of Amadia, assuming you didn’t destroy her Soul Jar and kill her.

Helm of the Tyrant – Another relatively easy method of destroying Shriekers is with the Helm of the Tyrant, which is obtained as part of the Artefacts of the Tyrant quest. In order to use the helmet, you will have to find all five pieces of the Tyrant’s Set and wear the set on one character while you are purging away. For a guide on where to find each piece, go check out the quest guide for Artefacts of the Tyrant.

Slane, The Winter Dragon – If you decide to free Slane during the quest The Purged Dragon, he will destroy the Shriekers for you as part of your quest reward. This is probably the most convenient method, as it requires almost no effort on your part.

If you go with the non-Slane method of purging the Shriekers, just remember that they can outrange your Purging Wands and Helm of the Tyrant. Use stealth or some form of invisibility skill to get your attack off before they can fight back.

The Teleporter

This is probably one of my favorite quests in D:OS 2 because in the end, there are some just desserts. At location (12) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map you will find a man by the name of Gawin who offers you a deal. If you are willing to work with him alone he will help you to escape Fort Joy! How benevolent of him! There is only one catch. In order for him to be able to teleport you to freedom you are going to have to find some Gloves of Teleportation.

So, in order to grab yourself a pair of these gloves, head on over to area (22) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. At this location you will find three Crocolisks waiting for you. Wipe them off the face of Rivellon and grab the gloves off of the corpse of the one that had magic armor.

Return to Gawin and speak to him with the character that has the gloves on them. Gawin will tell you to follow him, and he will lead you to the area where Fane is initially located (location (7) of the map). He will ask you to teleport him to the ledge below. I should probably note that he means the ledge that has the tree trunk and not the beach. After you have teleported him there he will ask you to teleport him across the way to the other side. He will then wander off, leaving you to figure out your own escape.

Luckily, once you travel to the Fort Joy Harbour, you will discover that Gawin did not get very far and was killed by the Magisters and Silent Monks arrayed on the docks. Also, if you had already cleared out the Harbour before his escape, he will still die in the Hollow Marsh.

The Vault of Braccus Rex

This quest can be initiated in two ways. The first way that you can encounter is that you will read about a mysterious dark cavern in the bloodstained journal of a poor unfortunate woman who may have had an ill fated meeting with some giant crocolisks at location (22) of the Fort Joy – Overworld map. The second way is simply to enter the cave itself. The cave is located at location (43) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. There is an illusion blocking the cave entrance from view, but if you walk close enough it will appear.

A detailed walkthrough of this area can be found on the Fort Joy – Dark Cave map page, but in the interests of providing a brief rundown of the area, I will summarize what you should expect in this cave.

This cave is chalk full of illusions. Almost every chest, bridge, door, or enemy you run into is an illusion in some form or another. There are also a lot of traps, though in Divinity: Original Sin 2, traps are so negligible you can practically ignore them.

In the first room you will encounter an entity by the name of Trompdoy. He is unrelentingly annoying and rude, and will often try to goad you into fighting. You can handle these conversations in any manner you wish. After dealing with the first iteration of Trompdoy, you continue into the next cavern via the illusionary bridge marked by a couple of crates on either side of a chasm. You will encounter three Trompdoys in this room. After defeating them, a chest will appear, it is a trapped illusion, after which the seemingly freshly reanimated Trompdoy will laugh at you and then vanish.

There is a split path, both of which lead to the same place which is a room with a statue, several fake doors, and two actual exits, one of which leads to a small room with two chests, one of which is an illusion as well. The statue will only open the door if you answer his riddles. Take a look at the Fort Joy – Dark Cavern map for the solution. Once the door is open and you enter the next area, you will find yourself face to face with more of Trompdoy’s split personalities. You only need to kill the real Trompdoy to win the encounter. He is the one with the “Cursed” status effect, so you can always tell which one is him.

Finally you will reach the treasure chamber of the cave. Loot everything in the room, but as far as this quest is concerned, the only item of value is Tromdoy’s Soul Jar. If you agree to destroy it you will end the quest, freeing Trompdoy from his eternity of torment as a bored guardian, and you will get an item. Simply pull the lever to get rid of the shield in the next room and you are free to leave.

There is also a statue just before the lever and shield, which you can use to visit the Hall of Echoes and speak with your god to obtain the bless skill, if you didn’t have it already.

The Voices

This is a rather innocuous quest where you don’t really have to do anything for it. You will pick up the quest automatically when you awaken on the shores of Fort Joy. It will automatically update as you find yourself facing off against Voidspawn throughout the area and it will end when you reach the Shrine of Amadia at location (40) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map.

Withermoore’s Soul Jar

This quest can be picked up early on in Fort Joy and is pretty worthwhile for the experience and the items you will obtain from it.

In order to obtain the quest, you first have to access the Fort Joy – Elven Cave. This is where Saheila and the other Elves are hiding out from the Magisters. There is also a child by the name of Mody. Mody likes to play and is a little bit of a sneak. Play hide and seek with him. He will eventually ask you to meet his secret friend. You will have to dig up a secret hatch in the sand near to where you found Mody, as your big adult body is too large to fit through the tiny hole Mody scurries through. Once you have done this you will find yourself in the Fort Joy – Withermoore Cave map.

This is a relatively small zone, mostly just consisting of a path and a raised platform where a skeleton has been lanced to the wall by a spear. The skeleton, Withermoore, will ask you to remove the spear from his chest, which you should, and then he will ask you to find and destroy his Soul Jar, freeing him from his cursed existence. The Soul Jar is located in the Fort Joy – Ancient Tunnel map.

There are several ways to enter the Prison. Get caught without a Source Collar on and surrender, travel through the Fort Joy – Underground Passage map past the fire slugs, sneak in through the fort itself after defeating either Magister Captain Trippel or by killing High Judge Orivand, and descending the stairs in the entry chamber of the fort.

However, you decide to enter the prison, and make your way over to location (2) of the Fort Joy – Prison. Once you are there, pull on the lever that will open a secret passage to the Fort Joy – Ancient Tunnel map.

This is a relatively small area, and in regard to this quest, the only thing you are interested in is the Withermoore Soul Jars at the end. A guide to each Soul Jar awaits you below:

For the ease of reference, I will address each soul jar starting from the westmost jar closest to the stairs and then proceeding clockwise around the room.

Jar 1 – Here Lies Withermoore the Noxious. This Soul Jar will explode into poison and fire the moment you touch it, causing some decent damage to your group. It is nothing too serious, however.

Jar 2 – Here Lies Withermoore the Supplicant. This Soul Jar is actually the correct one. If you break the jar you will complete the quest Withermoore’s Soul Jar.

Jar 3 – Here Lies Withermoore the Yellow-Bellied. This Soul Jar will summon four guardians to fight you. They are each level four and are actually pretty tough on the higher difficulties. I will leave it up to you to defeat them in whatever method you choose.

Jar 4 – Here Lies Withermore the Cold-Hearted. This Soul Jar will cause the entire area to be covered in ice. This doesn’t last too long, but if you did not put nails in your footwear, your characters may slip and fall frequently. This isn’t a big deal so long as you are not in combat.

Jar 5 – Here Lies Withermore the Sage. This jar will summon three additional guardians to fight you. In my opinion, this is a much easier fight than Jar 3. Kill them for some extra experience.

Lady O’ War

This quest is automatically initiated after you defeat Alexander and tell Malady that you are ready to leave with her. You will be teleported to the Lady Vengeance where it appears that there is some problem with getting the ship to move. In order to leave with the Lady Vengeance simply travel down to the lowest level of the ship (Floor 2).

At location (3) you will encounter Alexander’s unconscious form. You may have to respec your character to have persuasion in order to complete this quest, luckily for you, there is a mirror at location (2) that will let you change your skills all you want. Alternatively, you can search the ship for the characters you were using before and recruit them back into your party and use the one with persuasion to speak with Magister Ranley. However you want to persuade the Magister to let you examine Alexander, the goal here is to obtain the six-sided gem from his body. Once you have that you are good to go.

Travel back towards the stairwell and there should be two ornate doors. One is observed by Han and Samadel. The one you want is not this one. Go talk to the other door and let it know that you have forgotten your password. It will ask for the security question, but you can persuade it to tell you the password without answering the question. You will find out that the password is Fortitude. Now head to the other door.

Once you are at the other door, jam the six-sided gem at it and then tell it the password. It will grant you access to Dallis’s chambers, (location (4)). All you actually need in this room is the Dusty Tome on the desk and we can complete this quest. You will probably have to speak with Tarquin and you should also loot the area, take the teleportation pyramid, and go down into the hold to get the other teleportation pyramid, but I am not here to tell you how to live your life. Check out Fort Joy Lady Vengeance Floor 2 for more information about those things.

Once you have this Dusty Tome and read it, head back to the deck. You are going to approach the figurehead and be warned that it has burned a person to death. You aren’t afraid though. Simply talk with the figurehead and sing the song you learned from the Tome. After a brief conversation, you will be allowed to set sail.

Your journey into the ocean lasts a very brief period of time, as you will then be attacked by Dallis. It is up to you to fight this battle in the best way you know how. The most likely way it will end is by malady finishing her ritual, but alternatively, if you defeat Dallis or the Cloaked Man the encounter will end automatically. Once the ritual is complete this quest will end.

To the Hall of Echoes

This is a brief quest that is obtained automatically upon Malady finishing her spell during the battle with Dallis upon the Lady Vengeance. You will be catapulted into the Hall of Echoes, where you can see all seven gods of Rivellon hanging from a tree. They are bleeding Source and are apparently having a very bad day. Make your way down to the gods and find the one associated with your character (hint: It will be the one you met in the Hall of Echoes when you learned bless). You will need to cast bless on your god, where you will learn some information about the Void and that you need to become the Divine.

You will then be shifted to the Lady Vengeance again, which is apparently sailing on thin air in the Hall of Echoes, which is pretty neat. Travel to the bottom level of the ship to the prison where Alexander was previously held. Speak with Malady and she will teleport the ship back into the material plane. This will end this quest and the first Act of the game.





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