Darkest Dungeon – Bounty Hunter Guide

Join Smough as he teaches you everything you need to know about the Hard Man of the Hamlet, in this Darkest Dungeon Bounty Hunter Guide.

September 1, 2021

“Sinister and precise, the Bounty Hunter specializes in targeting a single foe to deliver its head for the reward. He has found that simply striking before thinking is an ineffective way to kill, so he has taught himself many ways to take advantage of his foe’s vulnerabilities.” – The Ancestor

A killer and a crowd control hero, Bounty Hunter is another Hybrid character who specialises in picking apart enemy teams but also can deal some serious single target damage. The Bounty Hunter really is a team player, as he can tee shift, mark, and stun enemies; rendering hard to hit enemy damage dealers vulnerable.

The Bounty Hunter is hero for which preparation and ability rotation is absolutely key, and if built correctly he can easily become the star of your squad.

Bounty Hunter GIF
Aside from his decent single target damage potential, the Bounty Hunter is one of the best disruptors in the entire game; being able to pull, stun and shuffle the enemies. If you want to shut down and disrupt those pesky backliners then the Bounty Hunter is the hero for you. Alongside his disruption and proc abilities, the Bounty Hunter is a real diverse damage dealer. Personally, I find that I always can take a Bounty Hunter, no matter what I am facing. If I am lacking in damage, I could build him to become a single target wrecking machine. If my Plague Doctor is out sick, I can fill her gap with the bounty hunter who can stun and disrupt the back lines from the damage dealers. Now, grab your helmet, your axe and your hook, and let’s learn how to collect some bounties with this Bounty Hunter Hero Guide.

Character Overview

“The thrill of the hunt… The promise of payment…” – The Ancestor

So as always with these guides, let us start by having a look at the Bounty Hunter’s base stats. Comparative to other classes you will quickly notice that the Bounty Hunter has very solid average stats and no weaknesses. Even then his speed is pretty high, only sitting two behind the likes of Jester and Doc.

Darkest Dungeon Bounty Hunter Stats

Everything is ‘good’ without anything being outstanding or weak and, in my opinion, this is a positive about the Bounty Hunter as it means he again will not be failing in any area and his combination attacks will make up for any damage shortfall.

As in keeping with our previous character guides let us take a brief high-level look at the Bounty Hunter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Darkest Dungeon Background


• Access to bleed
• Can slow enemies
• Awesome disruptor


• Can’t fit in position 4
• To some degree he relies on other team members
• Honestly not many weaknesses

Bounty Hunter, in my book, is one of the more well-rounded heroes. While he doesn’t excel as well in certain areas as other specialised heroes, he also lacks the weaknesses of those heroes. He won’t die easily, isn’t slow, can deal decent damage…well you get the idea.

Bounty Hunter Dodges

Now let us dive into the abilities of everyone’s favourite hunter and examine them one at a time to get the best from him. We would also highly suggest you read our Ultimate Darkest Dungeon Guide to learn more about combat and team positioning.


Collect Bounty

• Melee
• Can be used from Rank 1, 2 or 3
• Targets Rank 1 or 2
• Damage Modifier +0%
• Accuracy 85
• Critical Modifier 7%
• +90% Damage against Marked
• +15% Damage against Human

In a lot of ways Collect Bounty is the Bounty Hunter’s bread and butter, as it reliable can pump out single target damage, even before you consider the massive bonus damage he gets against Marked Targets. While he can set up a mark himself, I find that he synergies quite well with other heroes who can mark like a Houndmaster or Arbalest.

Mark for Death

• Ranged
• Can be used from any rank
• Targets any single rank
• Damage Modifier -100%
• Accuracy 100
• Market Target for 3 rounds
• -10% PROT (100% base)
• +3 SPD (2 rds)

Mark for Death is Bounty Hunter’s Signature marking ability, that he can use to bolster his own Collect Bounty or, if you have a well synergised team, he can use to prepare enemies for say an Arbalest.

Darkest Dungeon Mark for Death


• Ranged
• Can be used from any rank
• Targets either 3 or 4
• Damage Modifier -80%
• Accuracy 90
• Crit Modifier 0%
• Pull 2 (100% base)
• Mark target (2 rds)

Come Hither is probably a tool that could fit into any build and any team, as being able to disrupt enemy positions is always useful. The pull is pretty generous, moving the enemy 2 positions forward; meaning those stress and damage dealers are never safe. Additionally, it will mark the pulled opponent, making it an ideal 1-2 combo with Collect Bounty.


• Melee
• Can be used from Rank 1 or 2
• Targets Rank 1 or 2
• Damage Modifier -67%
• Accuracy 90
• Critical Modifier 0%
• Knockback 2 (100% Base
• Stun (100% Base)

Another example of how the Bounty Hunter really is the king of disruption; uppercut is extremely useful for rendering front line tanks completely useless, as well as stunning an opponent in preparation for his Finish Him.

Bounty Hunter Uppercut


• Ranged
• Can be used from ranks 2, 3 or 4
• Targets either 2, 3 or 4
• Damage Modifier -100%
• Accuracy 95
• Stun (110% Base)
• Shuffle Single (100% Base)

Flashbang is an excellent tool that can destroy an enemy team’s coherency in a single swing; shuffle can cause major issues to an enemy line up and stunning another to boot, preparing the Bounty Hunter for a Finish Him.

Finish Him

• Melee
• Can be used from Rank 1, 2 or 3
• Targets Rank 1, 2 or 3
• Damage Modifier +0%
• Accuracy 85
• Critical Modifier 5%
• +25% Damage vs Stunned.

Finish him is essentially the Damage dealer for Stun builds, much as Collect Bounty is for the Marked proc. Therefore, I would often suggest that you either build the Bounty Hunter around Stun/Damage or Mark/Damage, as these separate kits are built to work together well.

Finish Him Bounty Hunter


• Ranged
• Can be used from ranks 2, 3 or 4
• Targets either 3 or 4
• Damage Modifier -95%
• Accuracy 90
• Critical Modifier 5%
• Bleed (100% base) 2pts/rd for 3 rds
• +10% Damage Taken (100% base)
• – 4 SPD (100% base)

A skill that feels a little separate from the rest of the Bounty Hunter’s kit but not entirely useless, as it does add a further 10% damage debuff to opponents that can allow you further maximise the potential of Finish Him or Collect Bounty. Plus the bleed Proc and debuff to speed is never unwelcome.

Strategy and Synergy

“A brutally efficient single-target executioner and crowd control specialist. For the Bounty Hunter, planning is key – mark targets for bonus damage or look for opportunities to capitalize on a stunned foe. He can also wreak havoc on an enemy party’s order using his grappling hook, flashbangs and powerful uppercut” – Guild

As alluded to in the guide so far, when it comes to the Bounty Hunter’s damage dealing potential then the key is preparation and team synergy. It is far more efficient to have other characters to mark/stun enemies so that the Bounty Hunter can immediately start sniping enemies with his Collect Bounty or Finish Him abilities.

With that being said, the following is a party that has really worked well for me when it comes to unlocking the damage dealing potential of the Bounty Hunter: 1. Crusader, 2. Bounty Hunter, 3. Plague Doctor and 4. Occultist.

Bounty Hunter Team Darkest Dungeon
Now depending on the weaknesses of the region you are bringing the party to, it would be wise to swap in and out Doc’s Blight abilities, as long as she has her stun abilities to work with Bounty Hunter’s Finish Him. Likewise, the Occultist not only acts as a healer and back line artillery, he also has the ability to mark with Vulnerability Hex, as well as stun with Hands from the Abyss. This type of set up would allow the Bounty Hunter to use both Finish Him and Collect Bounty at will, and I think you will be happy with how quickly he snipes single targets. At the same time, he can use his other ability slots to disrupt and stun, making this party a real nightmare for enemy positioning.
Bounty Hunter Heals
In summary, if you want the Bounty Hunter to fulfil his damage potential then it is best to fit him into a team who possess the status procs to let him do his work more efficiently. So with that being said let us look at the following build which builds upon these concepts, making the Bounty Hunter a real force to be reckoned with.



Build: The Hitman

The final part of the Bounty Hunter Darkest Dungeon Guide will lead you through an example build which we have tested extensively.

The Hitman Bounty Hunter build focuses on working with his team mates to be a potent damage dealer, as well as a couple of extra tricks up his sleeve to confound and disrupt the enemy.

The abilities required for this build are the following: Finish Him, Collect Bounty, Uppercut and Come Hither.

Suggested Trinkets: Hunter’s Talon (+6% CRIT, +10 ACC but +50% Food consumed) and Agility Talon (+1 Speed and +4 Dodge).

Come Hither
The idea behind this build is pretty simple, let the Occultist and Plague Doctor prep enemies with stun and mark. Then let the Bounty Hunter swing away, cutting down the enemies alongside the crusader. He should also be using Uppercut to put frontline tanks out of action for several turns: not only are they thrown out of position, but they are also stunned for one turn, meaning that frontliners can potentially be shut down for 2-3 turns while they recover from the stun and move back into position. Finally Come Hither, is simply another useful means of disruption and marking and bringing squishier enemies into the range of the Crusader and Bounty Hunter.


So, there we have it, the Bounty Hunter Darkest Dungeon guide – a difficult to master but extremely powerful hero who can disrupt and annihilate the enemy. We hope this guide has inspired you to dust off your Bounty Hunter, so he can bring some beasts to justice.
Darkest Dungeon Bounty Hunter

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