Darkest Dungeon – Bounty Hunter Guide

Join Smough as he teaches you everything you need to know about the Hard Man of the Hamlet, in this Darkest Dungeon Bounty Hunter Guide.

September 1, 2021

Fort Joy – Ancient Passage

Fort Joy Ancient Passage Map
This is a relatively small area with only two major parts. The entry hallway and the Soul Jar chamber.

Step 1

The first thing you will notice when you come in, is that the entire hallway is covered in poison. Simply place a jar atop the “trap” and the poison cloud will go away. Then you can maneuver your way through the hallway with no real threat.
Fort Joy Ancient Passage Step 1

Step 2

The Soul Jar chamber holds five different Soul Jars. Only one is the correct one, while the others have devious traps associated with them. For the ease of reference, I will address each soul jar starting from the westmost jar closest to the stairs, and then proceed clockwise around the room.

Jar 1 – Here Lies Withermoore the Noxious. This Soul Jar will explode into poison and fire the moment you touch it, causing some decent damage to your group. It is nothing too serious, however.

Jar 2 – Here Lies Withermoore the Supplicant. This Soul Jar is actually the correct one. If you break the jar you will complete the quest Withermoore’s Soul Jar.

Fort Joy Ancient Passage Step 2

Jar 3 – Here Lies Withermoore the Yellow-Bellied. This Soul Jar will summon four guardians to fight you. They are each level four and are actually pretty tough on the higher difficulties. I will leave it up to you to defeat them in whatever method you choose.

Jar 4 – Here Lies Withermore the Cold-Hearted. This Soul Jar will cause the entire area to be covered in ice. This doesn’t last too long, but if you did not put nails in your footwear, your characters may slip and fall frequently. This isn’t a bit deal so long as you are not in combat.

Jar 5 – Here Lies Withermore the Sage. This jar will summon three additional guardians to fight you. In my opinion this is a much easier fight than Jar 3. Kill them for some extra experience.

Step 3

There is one final thing you should grab in this room before leaving. There is a statue of a sagely figure sitting atop a throne to the west. You can access the statue by the ladder. Between Jar 1 and Jar 2. You will need a wits score of 15 in order to get the item. The easiest way to get 15 wits is to get a character to 12 wits and then use the pyromancy ability “Peace of Mind” on them. From the statue you will obtain the set item “Tyrant’s Stride” which are boots. They are also cursed so don’t put them on until you have the complete set. This may start your quest for Artefacts of the Tyrant if you didn’t have it already.
Fort Joy Ancient Passage Step 3
Darkest Dungeon Bounty Hunter

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