The 60 Best Witcher 3 Mods to Download

Breathe new life into your favorite RPG with the best Witcher 3 mods. 

May 8, 2023

If you are like me, after watching Henry Cavill play Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, you immediately decided to re-install the Witcher 3.

Having already beaten the Witcher 3 a couple of times, I knew what I was getting into, but a few hours in I found myself wondering why I was playing through a game I have already thoroughly beaten when I have hundreds of other games in my backlog.

“Well,” my brain reminded me, “there is one surefire way to breathe new life into a familiar game… mods.”

The Witcher 3, while an immensely popular game does not have as many mods as the Elder Scrolls games, or some paradox games, but due to its popularity it does have quite a few really good ones, that I feel can help revitalize this already breathtaking and immersive game. I have broken the list down into:

  • Necessary Mods
  • New Items and Item Overhauls
  • Gameplay Mods
  • Graphics Mods
  • Audio Mods

While there might be some Witcher 3 mods that would belong in more than one subcategory, I have tried to organize them by what the mod most applies to. With that in mind, let’s get started.

How To Install Witcher 3 Mods

The first thing we should discuss is how to actually install mods in the Witcher 3. Interestingly, there is, in fact, a mod limit present in this game. There are ways around this, as we will discuss later, but you may have to do a little trouble shooting and playing around with settings in order to get all of the mods you want to use working properly.

As most of these mods will be from Nexusmods, probably the most well known content aggregate site for the mod community, I do recommend downloading Nexus Mod Manager.

I would also like to note right now, that modifying the Witcher 3 is kind of a painful experience at times. Be aware that this might be a labour of love to get things working the way you would like. If you do not have the patience for troubleshooting myriad problems, it is probably better you don’t try.

Installing Witcher 3 Mods with Nexus Mod Manager

If you have the nexus mod manager, you should be familiar with how to load and deploy mods using that tool. It is pretty intuitive and generally puts everything where it is supposed to be. I find that this particular program takes some of the guesswork out of installation. If you are not particularly tech savvy, or you are worried you will mess something up, you can’t go wrong grabbing this program.

Installing Witcher 3 Mods without Nexus Mod Manager

Most mods on this list are pretty easy to download and install. Some of them even come with their own installers. I will try to note which mods require special installation actions, but for the most part either use the included installer or copy the folder into your

…\Witcher 3\mods 

(you might have to create a new folder called mods).

It is important to note that the “mod” folder should be the one directly above the mod content. For example your mod filepath should look something like this:

…\Witcher 3\mods\HD mod 

and not

...\Witcher 3\mods\HD mod3.16\HD mod(remastered)\HD mod

In other words get rid of any superfluous file hierarchy and only copy the folder directly above the actual mod content, or it won’t work.




I was introduced to the world of gaming at a pretty young age. My dad would invite his friends over, and they would descend into the basement for hours. At first, I was too young to really grasp the games they were playing; Dungeons and Dragons, Ravenloft, Greyhawk. But it was when they began to shift their focus to computer games, that I became really interested.

Necessary Witcher 3 Mods

There are a few Witcher 3 mods you will require in order to get everything working properly. As I mentioned earlier there is a mod limit in the game. This is, apparently, 49 mods, although at that is a lot of mods and will more than likely cause stability issues anyways.

What is more important though is that you will need a way to try and avoid mod conflicts. So take a look at some of these programs, as you will need at least a few of them to get your game running properly.

1Witcher 3 Mod Manager

Created By Ntefan3372 and SullivanMcBlueberry
Download Link Nexus Mods

As with all games, adding mods is a sometimes complicated and frustrating procedure. The Witcher 3 Mod Manager is not perfect, but it is orders of magnitude better than trying to do it yourself.

In fact I would recommend this mod to anyone who is not familiar with modding. It is pretty easy to use and even has a built-in Script Merger which can help to detect and mitigate conflicts.

2Script Merger

Created By AnotherSymbiote
Download Link Nexus Mods

Quite possibly the most important tool for anyone installing more than a couple of Witcher 3 mods. This tool detects conflicts between various mods so that you can prevent crashing.

While it is not perfect, unless you are capable of parsing a lot of script to watch for conflicts, odds are this tool will make your life immeasurably. Simply follow the installation instructions and let it do its thing. I will note that the Witcher 3 Mod Manager includes the Script Merger.

3 Witcher 3 Mod Merger

Created By ADJ_Kovrik
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is not really an alternative to the script merger. Unlike the Script Merger which detects conflicts, this mod was created simply as a workaround for the mod limit.

Unless you have more than 49 Witcher 3 mods, you will not need this program, but it does exist if you need it. Simply follow the instructions and it will merge some of your Witcher 3 mods together in order to get around the limit.

New Items & Item Overhaul Mods

There are a lot of items in the Witcher 3 to collect, especially if you enjoy hunting down every relic or crafting recipe. These Witcher 3 mods add to that already impressive armory, or in some cases, modify them to be more useful.

I have also decided to add visual updates for items under this subcategory instead of in Graphics Mods.

4 The Enhancement System

Created By Mangekyoumadara1987
Download Link Nexus Mods

Enhancement System Witcher Mod

First up on our list of overhaul Witcher 3 Mods is a mod that adds a significant amount of items to the game. It allows you to upgrade relic swords, allowing them to stay relevant throughout the game.

The Enhancement System allows you to access weapons and armor that you would not normally be allowed to possess.

It changes crossbows entirely. It modifies the look of some of the games weapons to be more iconic or unique. I will, however, note that some of the oversized weapons look a little silly at times.

5 Shields

Created By ScoutBr0
Download Link Nexus Mods

Witcher 3 Mods Shields

I think it is time to come to terms with the fact that Geralt does not adequately protect himself in combat. Throughout history there have been three pieces of defensive gear that soldiers and warriors have used to keep themselves alive as long as possible.

Armor, Helmets, and the common shield. From tiny dueling bucklers to what is essentially a pantry door with a handle on it, shields have served to keep people safe from the stabby, slashy, smashy death that is coming for them in any battle.

This Witcher 3 mod simply adds shields into the game, but more than that it also adds some hoods, some new armor pieces, and a couple of cloaks. I would recommend picking this up even just for the new armor alone.

6 Gear Improvements Last Longer

Created By Elenear and v1ld
Download Link Nexus Mods

This mod does not add anything in particular to the game, but it does modify how long weapon sharpening and armor improvements last in game.

While this is not a groundbreaking mod by any means, it is a quality of life improvement for those who do not want to sharpen/improve as frequently as required by the base game.

7 Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions

Created By SunBroDave
Download Link NexusMods

Similar to the Gear Improvements Last Longer mod, this mod does not add anything in particular to the game. What it does though is modify existing weapons and armor to no longer have a level requirement.

This means that no matter when you find a particular sword or piece of armor, you do not have to wait until some arbitrary level of game experience to start using it. A definite quality of life improvement, but one that can unbalance the game.

8 Geralt Cloak

Created By anakmonyet
Download Link Nexus Mods

Witcher 3 Mods_Geralt Cloak

This mod gives you a cloak that looks a lot like the one in the “Hunting Monsters” trailer for the Witcher 3.

While it does not add any stats or change gameplay at all, it is undeniably cool and immersive.

This mod gives you a cloak that looks a lot like the one in the “Hunting Monsters” trailer for the Witcher 3. While it does not add any stats or change gameplay at all, it is undeniably cool and immersive.

9 Concept Art Bear Armor

Created By Rustine
Download Link Nexus Mods

This mod simply changes the aesthetic appearance of the Bear Set to be more in line with the 2014 artwork for the game.

It does not change anything else about the armor set. I just think it looks really really cool.

Witcher 3 Mods Concept Art Bear Armor

10 Concept Cat Armor

Created By Rustine
Download Link Nexus Mods

A variation of the previous mod, the Concept Cat Armor developed by Rustine simply changes the appearance of the Cat Armor, without any impact on its stats.

It just looks cool and fashion is important.

Witcher 3 Mods Concept Art Cat Armor

11 Leveling Witcher And Relic Gear Balanced

Created By katalysis
Download Link NexusMods

This mod allows your Witcher and Relic items to level up as you do, allowing them to remain relevant throughout the game.

It is one of my favorite Witcher 3 mods, because if there is one thing I hate, it is finding a great item set that I love the aesthetic of, and then find a horrible looking but statistically better item fifteen minutes later.

There is an updated version of the mod located hereif the one on the initial link does not work for you.

12 Leveling Grandmaster & Viper Witcher Gear for V1.22

Created By Mikenekro and TheGuvnor
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is an alternative to Levelling Witcher and Relic Gear Balanced. It does not, however cause Relic items to level up with you.

There are also two editions of this mod, the standard edition, and the performance edition.

Each offers a slightly different mode of levelling up your items, and you should read what each one does before you choose the one you like better.

13 Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor and Warriors Leather Jacket

Created By Mikenekro
Download Link Nexus Mods

If the other two equipment leveling Witcher 3 mods are not your cup of tea, and you only want Kaer Morhen equipment to update with your gain in experience, then this is the mod for you.

It also levels your starting swords just in case you really like them.

14 Old Quality Witcher Armors 

Created By Rustine
Download Link Nexus Mods

This aesthetic mod changes the appearance of the Witcher Sets from their new shinier versions to the more drab and worn versions.

If you are looking for a grimmer and more drab aesthetic for your game, this mod has got your back.

15 Starting Armor & Swords Cosmetic Replacer for Witcher School Sets

Created By Crimsomrider
Download Link Nexus Mods

Starting Armor and Swords

For those among you who really really like the Kaer Morhen set, this Witcher 3 mod is for you.

If you want to get the bonuses of the Witcher School sets but don’t want to lose the aesthetic of the Kaer Morhen armor, then use the download link above.

Every Witcher School Set will now look like the Kaer Morhen Armor.

16 Sezon Burz Witcher’s Gear Witcher 3 Mods

Created By Sumajin
Download Link Nexus Mods

Sezon Burz Witcher Mod

This mod introduces a lore-friendly suit of armor from the book “Sezon Burz” which is a novel by Andrzej Sapkowski.

It is a black leather cuirass with matching leggings armor with shirt sleeves and sleek black gloves. The set looks really great and is fun to adventure around with.

17 Vagabond Armor

Created By CraniumJ
Download Link Nexus Mods

Vagabond armor

Another armor mod that looks absolutely fantastic.

Seriously, look how bad-ass Geralt looks!

Unlike other Witcher 3 mods, however, apparently this is classified as a DLC and must be placed in the DLC folder instead of the mods folder.

Just a heads up.

18 Lion and Eagle – HD Griffin Set Retexture

Created By thin_o_vintage
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods

Lion and Eagle mod

If, like the creator of this mod, you were less than pleased with the aesthetic of the Griffin Set, this Witcher 3 mod is perfect for you.

It changes the appearance of the Griffin set into a pretty great looking suit of armor.

19 Darker & Leathery Wolf Gear

Created By Gismogin
Download Link Nexus Mods

Darker and Leathery

Like many of the aforementioned Witcher 3 mods, this mod serves to change the Aesthetic of one of the Witcher School Sets. In this case the Wolf Set.

IT offers two alternative styles for the Wolf Set, one which is just moderately darker than the base set, and one that is black. Both look great.

20 Roaming Witcher’s Armor

Created By 4Strings and hivKORN
Download Link Steam Workshop

Roaming Armor Mod

This Witcher 3 mod adds four new armor sets into the game.

Although they are aesthetically similar, aside from their coloring, they also host a variety of different states in order to fit into different styles of play.

The sets themselves look great, and you will obtain them after completing the mission “Master Armorers”. I should note that you can only have one of the sets at a time, but you can deconstruct your current set to craft another one if you so choose.

21 Unrestricted Witcher (And Crafting) Gear V3

Created By aroth
Download Link Nexus Mods

While this mod does not change the aesthetics of any items, or add any items into the game, what it does is allow you to be able to use any item no matter the level required.

As with the Remove Weapon and Armor Level Requirements Mod, this can seriously unbalance the game, so use it at your own risk.

But if you hate finding a great item and not being able to use it due to some arbitrary experience requirement, pick this up.



22 Sword Effects Customizer – Runes and Oils 

Created By acbatchelor
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is a strictly aesthetic mod that affects your weapons.

No matter what you chose for effects, it will not affect the stats or runes present on your sword, so you can have it look any way you would like, with it still functioning properly.

Not necessarily an immersive mod, but it is pretty fun to play around with. I also note that the developer does not consider pink to be a manly color, but just remember that some salmon are pink and they swim up river to mate.

Pink is an awesome color.

23 Indestructible Items – No more Weapon Degradation

Created By SunBroDave
Download Link Nexus Mods

Like the title states, this mod removes item durability loss. Never again will you have to repair your items.

This does remove some of the immersion from the game, but at the same time I have never really liked item durability as I find it is simply a time and gold sink instead of something that adds to the gameplay.

24 Better Trophies

Created By fnexus
Download Link Nexus Mods

This mod changes the stats of each trophy to be more unique and powerful.

I always found trophy buffs were sort of negligible, but with this mod there is a definite value to hunting down monsters for their trophies.

25 Rare Items Merchant

Created By iCat42
Download Link Nexus Mods

I would catagorize this mod as one for the truly lazy. If you are not inclined to search out Witcher diagrams, Witcher Gear, Relic Swords or Armor, or many of the other rare items in this game, luckily you can simply buy them from this vendor.

It does kind of ruin the thrill of exploration. Maybe you simply feel that you don’t really need to explore every dungeon of this game. You would be wrong, but at least you can get the loot without having to do any delving on your own.

Witcher 3 Gameplay Mods

Like I said at the beginning, some of these sub-categories have some overlap. Removing item level requirements, for example, might be more of a gameplay change than an item change, but sometimes it is hard to classify mods cleanly.

Under this section, I’ll try to stick to the best Witcher 3 mods that affect the fundamental way you play the game, or how you interact with the people and environment.

These can range from quality of life improvements to some pretty game breaking things, so keep in mind that you might be making the game way easier than it should be based on the mods you decide to bring to the table.

26 Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition

Created By Dedicated W3EE Mod Team
Download Link Nexus Mods

To say this mod is extensive is an understatement. It offers a truly stunning amount of gameplay changes and tweaks.

In fact, the modifications are so extensive you have to start a new game once you install this mod. Your old saves simply will not work anymore. It also does not play well with other mods.

If you are looking for a one stop shop for Witcher 3 mods, this is probably the one you should take, but if you plan on making a compilation of mods, I hope you are very very good at checking script. I should also note that even script merging programs will have a hard time allowing this mod to be compatible with other mods.

27 TW3 Gameplay Tweaks

Created By wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost
Download Link Mod 1

This mod is actually an amalgamation of several mods, some of which have already been included on this list. Without listing every included mod in this pack, this mod is basically THE mod for changing the gameplay of the Witcher 3.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys significant quality of life tweaks. I would read the list of mods included in this pack, so you don’t end up downloading redundant files.

Quite simply, this particular mod makes a lot of this subcategory irrelevant, but there are still a few good mods below that aren’t included in the Gameplay Tweaks mod.

28 FCR3 – Immersion & Gameplay Tweaks

Created By Andrzej Kwiatkowski
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is another amalgamation of several Witcher 3 mods, again with some that have already been included on this list.

Between this mod and TW3, I am not sure which I prefer, but I would advise reading through what each one includes and making the informed decision for yourself.

Each offers some similar mods and each offers a slew of differing changes. I would strongly advise getting either this mod or TW3 though.

29 All Quest Objectives on Map

Created By Wolfmark
Download Link Nexus Mods

All Quest Objectives

This mod is perhaps one of the best quality of life improvements you can download.

It provides tooltip icons of where you are supposed to go for quests and what you are supposed to do there in order to advance or complete the quest.

For those among you who are busy adults who do not necessarily have hours to play trial and error, this mod is a lifesaver.

30 Always Full XP

Created By Tommy1984
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is more of a personal preference mod. The Witcher 3, like many roleplaying games, has quest tiers based on your character level and the relative level of the quest.

As you become more powerful than certain quests they will give less experience. This mod allows you to set how much experience you obtain even from outleveled quests. 

31 Autoloot

Created By AeroHD
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is more of a personal preference mod. The Witcher 3, like many roleplaying games, has quest tiers based on your character level and the relative level of the quest.

As you become more powerful than certain quests they will give less experience. This mod allows you to set how much experience you obtain even from outleveled quests. 

32 No Fall Damage

Created By SunBroDave
Download Link Nexus Mods

I think we all know that Geralt is nearly unkillable in combat. He is a whirling dance of magic and steel that, assuming there is not some monstrous level difference, can defeat almost any enemy thrown at him.

Any enemy, except one. Geralt has a weakness.

That weakness is gravity.

Despite being a powerful mutant, Geralt can’t really fall very far without dying horribly. With that in mind you can remove this weakness from existance.

Want to fall off a castle? Go for it.

Want to try your luck at jumping off a cliff? Feel free.

This does somewhat detract from the realism of the game, but it also makes it so that a minor tumble doesn’t send you back to the loading screen.

33 No Time for Gwent

Created By Fluffy82
Download Link Nexus Mods

You know what, I am just going to say it. Screw gwent. I know that a lot of you love Gwent, but for me it frustratingly detracts from my non-stop murdering of monsters across the land. If you are like me and simply do not have the time to play Gwent, simply grab this mod and use Axii to win every match. Is it cheating? Yes. Do I regret it? … absolutely not. 

witcher 3 mods - no time for gwent

34 Beatable Guards

Created By JakeKimber09
Download Link Nexus Mods

Guards in the Witcher 3 should really be the heroes of any game. Viciously strong, and nearly unkillable, this is because they are a much higher level than Geralt.

Well if you have had enough of getting smacked around by the local constabulary look no further than this mod. You can set a difficulty for the guards and then proceed to beat the hell out of them. Have fun! 

Witcher 3 Graphic Mods

Here we are, at the second last, but arguably the most popular subcategory of Witcher 3 mods, graphics. This is also the part of the article which will have the most pictures, for those who like screenshots over writing.

I know that I have discussed some graphical changes under the items subcategory, but this part of the list will focus on Witcher 3 mods that affect significant portions of the environment, characters, and textures present in the game. So without further ado, let’s get started:

35 The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

Created By Hal Hogan PL
Download Link Nexus Mods

Maybe you weren’t impressed by The Witcher 3’s already impressive graphics. It did come out almost five years ago after all.

This Witcher 3 mod will rework a significant amount of the game’s assets from meshes to texture details. It also includes 4k textures for those with powerful gaming PCs who want to have the very best graphical experience in the Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked mod is also compatible with lighting mods, and should most likely be used in concert with one of those.

36 Super Turbo Lightning Mod

Created By Essenthy
Download Link Nexus Mods

I love lighting Witcher 3 mods. They are among my favorite things to install and play around with. As far as lighting mods go this one is pretty tame.

This particular mod simply restores the game to its lighting effects that were used during development videos, and not the lighting effects used upon release. I think it looks better than the release version without being obnoxious about the changes.

37 Friendly HUD

Created By wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost
Download Link Nexus Mods

This mod gives you a lot of customization over what is displayed on your screen at any given time. Do you want a minimalistic UI with the bare minimum? Go for it.

Do you want a cluttered screen with every piece of information you can possibly grasp at your fingertips? You can do that too.

Personally a happy medium works best for me, but you do you.

38 High Quality Faces

Created By Holgar96
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is an example of Witcher 3 mods that updates a lot of the facial textures in the game, making them more detailed.

While not every face is updated, a pretty significant portion are. If you encounter some NPCs that haven’t been updated in an area where updated NPC’s are also present it can be a little jarring, but I highly recommend this mod to anyone who wants to update most of the character faces in the game.

39 Ultra Gore 2

Created By Yoseppy Armineppy
Download Link Nexus Mods

I think we can all agree that, on some level, watching Geralt chop people and monsters into gory piles is pretty exciting. To that end, the Ultra Gore 2 mod ensures that you will get to watch the most visceral kills possible in the Witcher 3.

The mod forces the game to provide dismemberment animations for enemies killed by the players. This is purely an aesthetic change that can lead to some pretty gruesome scenes.

40 Visual Immersion Overhaul

Created By Lunayah
Download Link Nexus Mods

This Witcher 3 mod changes quite a few things visually about the game. I would first note that it changes a lot of the camera angles in the game, the speed of your character, and allows for dynamic Depth of Field.

It also adds some bloom effects, changes some color schemes, offers some moderate changes to shade and lighting, and changes some texture detailing. It does cause some performance drop, so you should be aware that this mod is geared towards people with more powerful PCs.

41 Ultimate Lighting Mod Redux Reborn

Created By KNG
Download Link Nexus Mods

This is an updated version of the popular Ultimate Lighting Mod Redux. It allows a lot of customization regarding color correction, fog settings, bloom, and other effects.

I found it lowered my FPS slightly, but not enough that it should affect most players. You can also turn off the blur effect while turning, which I find super important, as I hate blur effects.

42 Dark Nights & Smoother Transitions Patch

Created By shaedhen & mandelbrodt
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods
Download Link 2 Nexus Mods

I have such a mixed opinion on Darker Nights mods. On one hand, it’s one of the few Witcher 3 mods that really increases immersion and the need for external light sources. On the other hand, it can make the game unplayable when the sun sets.

With that in mind, I do give this mod a recommendation, but caution that if you are easily frustrated by not being able to see more than a few feet in front of you, you will probably not like this mod. 

43 Increased Draw Distance

Created By sjbox
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods

This mod used to focus specifically on level of detail improvements. It still does for the most part, but also increases the draw distance for the game.

I am always a big fan of increasing draw distance as it makes the game feel more expansive and realistic. This distance increase comes at a price though. Be mindful that you have to pay for these views in raw processing power. Expect performance drops.

44 No Dirty Lens & No Water Drop Effects

Created By RumenWest & FPSRazR
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods
Download Link 2 Nexus Mods

I know these are actually two separate Witcher 3 mods, but they work well in concert, so you might as well get both at the same time. They remove the dirt and rain drop effects from the camera, clearing up the foreground of the game.

While it does slightly lessen the immersion of the game, it also increases graphical clarity and, to me, makes the game look cleaner.

45 Swamp Zone Lighting Mod

Created By essenthy
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods

This is just a small atmospheric mod that makes swamps more eerie. It increases the amount of fog and makes it a little more ominous.

46 Realistic Weather

Created By Wzol
Download Link 1 Nexus Mods

I will preface this by saying you will need the Blood and Wine DLC to use this mod. If you don’t have Blood and Wine… why not? It is truly amazing. Anyways this mod changes a lot of the weather effects in the game.

This Witcher 3 mod is pretty expansive and can cause some performance drops, but largely it should work fine on most PCs. I highly recommend this mod if you like really cool weather effects.

47 Atmospheric Nights

Created By olegkuz1997
Download Link Nexus Mods

While I certainly appreciate the Darker Nights mod, I actually like this one better in terms of gameplay. It does darken the world during the night, but not to the same extent as Darker Nights.

This is one of the best Witcher 3 mods for immersive nighttime gameplay. It also changes a lot of the interior lighting as well to make it appear more grim and, to some extent, realistic. I highly recommend this mod.

48 Beautiful Grass Mod

Created By Boostin4kix
Download Link Nexus Mods

Taking a step away from the grim dark of nighttime lighting, we have one of the most understated Witcher 3 mods. Even something as seemingly minor as better grass can really make a world feel more alive and immersive.

Grass comes at a price though. That price is taken in blood from your GPU. Beware of performance drops in some areas, but if your PC is up to the challenge, this mod is really quite beautiful.

49 Phoenix Lighthing Mod

Created By Mishikedman
Download Link Nexus Mods

This lighting mod stood out to me while researching this article. The screenshots really speak for themselves with the soft lighting of the sun to the beam effect filtering through buildings and trees. 

This is arguably one of the best Witcher 3 mods for lighting that makes the game much more beautiful. There isn’t much else to say about this mod. If you are looking for a lighting mod that makes your game look wonderful, look no further.

50 Realistic Contrast Textures

Created By Jack3459
Download Link Nexus Mods

There isn’t much to say about this mod aside from the fact that it improves contrast textures for the environment and architecture.

It is a relatively simple mod that gives some pretty impressive improvements to the game.

51 Realistic Contrast Textures Characters Series

Created By Jack3459
Download Link Nexus Mods

Much like the Realistic Contrast Textures mod, this improves facial contrasts to give characters more realistic faces.

I find it also makes peoples flawed features stick out more, which is neat for realism. I did not notice any particular effect on game performance so assuming you have a decent computer, you should be fine.

52 Improved Particle Systems

Created By MrMan01
Download Link Nexus Mods

If you wish that the particle effects of your spells were a little more realistic, like blowing in the wind, this mod is for you.

This mod also affects things like dust, fog, smoke, sparks, and nearly every particle effect in the game, giving them a life of their own. It is one of the most beautiful Witcher 3 mods out there!

53 Aqua

Created By ramccoid
Download Link Nexus Mods

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. With those wise words of the timeless Zoolander, I bring to you, quite possibly the best water mod for the Witcher 3.

Download it to make every bit of water spectacular.

54 HDMR – HD Monsters Reworked

Created By Denroth
Download Link Nexus Mods

The HDMR mod really enhances the terrifying detail of every monster in the game. Each of these primordial horrors of ancient lore will come to life in ways you could only see in your nightmares.

Luckily, you will then be able to kill them in the most gruesome ways you want, therefore saving yourself the trouble of having to cower beneath your blankets.

55 Real Graphical Suite

Created By Amioran
Download Link Nexus Mods

There isn’t much to say about this mod aside from the fact that it improves contrast textures for the environment and architecture.

It is a relatively simple mod that gives some pretty impressive improvements to the game.

56 Ultra High Definition Project

Created By Ju5ti
Download Link Nexus Mods

For those among you with truly powerful PCs, let me introduce you to a mod that should make you pretty happy. First of all you will need a 4k monitor, or this mod will not be particularly useful for you.

If you have one, then feel free to enjoy The Witcher 3 in all its 4k glory. This mod requires significant system resources so do expect a performance drop.

Audio Mods

Next on the list we have audio Witcher 3 mods. While the game has a beautiful soundtrack of its own, some players might enjoy some enhancements or modifications to it.  

57 Immersive Sound

Created By KCS
Download Link Nexus Mods

Generally, the Witcher 3 was a pretty stable game. To my experience there were not very many bugs in need of fixing, especially now, after several years.

There were occasionally some audio concerns that did arise during gameplay. This mod works to remedy some of these concerns. If you are encountering audio problems, give this mod a try. It might just fix the problem.

58 Familiar Music Replacement

Created By Mezziaz
Download Link Nexus Mods

If you find you are getting a little bit tired of the in-game soundtrack for the Witcher 3, you can always mod in the OST from the Witcher 1 and 2. I personally love the OST from the Witcher 3 but after 100+ hours, I suppose it could get fatiguing.

So, if you are one of those people who need more than one soundtrack every hundred hours or so, pick this mod up.

59 Music Overhaul Project

Created By Moahofer30
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We’re getting close to the end of our Witcher 3 mods list. This is a mod very similar to the Familiar Music Replacement but changes where some of the songs play and also adds in some Thronebreaker tunes.

I really should get around to playing Thronebreaker some day, but I digress. If you are tired of the Witcher 3’s OST, this will help out by putting songs from the Witcher 1 and 2 into the game.

60 The Witcher Netflix Soundtrack in the Witcher 3 

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You’ve made it to the last entry in our list of Witcher 3 mods! If you are like me and absolutely loved the Netflix Witcher series and thought the show’s soundtrack was fantastic, you can listen to it all the time while playing the game.

This mod is pretty basic, it simply adds the show’s soundtrack into the game. Not much else to say.

Compatibility Disclaimer

I know I mentioned it earlier, but I feel that I should mention it again. Most of these Witcher 3 mods, especially the compilation mods, will not work very well together. Make sure you read every mod description carefully before installing and activating them. Also, several of these mods may, and probably will, break your saves. Back up the ones you want to keep and start a new game up with the entire world changed to your whim.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you find some interesting Witcher 3 mods on the list to play. That ends this article for now. If you know of any really good Witcher 3 mods that weren’t mentioned on this list please let us know and we may add them to another article in the future.




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