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For those of you who like their information in tight, streamlined formats. This is where you’ll find the best games in general. Focus, of course, on the best rpg games, the best action adventure games, the best story rich games, (you get the gist) in listed form.



16 Best Sci Fi RPGs that Will Blow Your Mind

Browse our list of the best Sci Fi RPGs that will blow your mind and time away. From mainstream titles to niche isometric RPGs, we’ve taken into consideration all titles that feature Sci Fi elements and fun RPG mechanics.

27 Best Fantasy RPGs That Everybody Should Play At Least Once

Browse our list of the best fantasy RPGs of all time. From old isometric titles to the latest releases, we ranked our absolute favorites. If your favorite game isn’t on the list it’s not because we forgot it, but because we didn’t think it was good enough to be mentioned.

15 of the Most Absurd Examples of Video Game Logic

“Video game logic” is something that we have to use all the time because that’s just the way stuff works in games. Here are some of my personal favorite video game oddities, logic loops, and things that make you say “Why did I ever take this s#!t seriously!?”

Top 10 Best JRPGs You Can’t Miss

While Western RPGs have been dominating the mainstream for the past 20 years, JRPGs are slowly, but steadily entering the Western market. As such, we’ve handpicked 10 JRPG games that we consider the best, from classics like Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, to modern titles such as Persona 4 Ni No Kuni II.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Games of All Time

Best Post-Apocalyptic Games of All Time Post-Apocalyptic worlds are a staple of the gaming industry. What better way to throw the player into a survival atmosphere than to take away all of the comforts of modern society and throw in roving bands of bandits, zombies,...

13 Awesome Games Set In Real Places

13 Awesome Games Set In Real Places When you think of the most iconic gaming locations, your mind probably goes to the beautiful fields of Hyrule, or the intriguing underwater labyrinth that is Rapture, or perhaps that weird polygonal nightmare place in Bubsy 3D. July...

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