The Best Gaming Speakers for PC in 2019

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September 2, 2019

Owning the best gaming monitor, best gaming desktop and best gaming router can only take you so far when it comes to having the ideal gaming experience. Sound, and its quality, can greatly enhance the feeling of immersivness and to achieve that, some games require a good pair of speakers.

The graphics arms race has min/maxed the hell out of our screens at the expense of our sound cards and speakers. PC gamers will drop thousands on the latest graphics card without batting an eye, but only an enlightened few will go to the expense of making their games sound as good as they look.

Maybe you’re thinking that you can’t afford a “real” sound system for your PC; or that it’s going to be too loud for your dorm, apartment, or shared-living situation. For one thing, I want to show you that you can considerably step up your PC speaker game for a reasonable price, and for another, it’s all about sound quality-not loudness. The driver/amp inside of your average laptop/phone/powered PC speaker is pathetic compared to even the cheapest bookshelf speaker.

The first time you hear your favorite song on a sound system with some real fidelity, it will bring tears to your eyes because you’ll realize how much you’ve been missing out on. The added level of immersion that some quality PC speakers will bring to your gaming sessions is awesome, and they’ll give you a competitive edge in PvP from the increased situational awareness.

So toss out those ratty 10 year old Compaq speakers that you swiped from your high school computer lab and pick up something from this list. Your ears will thank you. And since you’re here, make sure to check out our lists of best gaming keyboards, best gaming mice and best gaming headsets

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Editor's pick

Bose Companion 5 best gaming speakers
Bose Companion 5
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Has a desktop control pod, excellent design, elevated speakers
Save with Amazon
It’s not cheap- I mean c’mon, it’s Bose The Companion 5 is still one of the best powered PC speaker systems available, despite the price.

Best for the budget

Vizio SB2821 D6 28 Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar best gaming speakers
Vizio SB2821 D6 28 Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
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Excellent price, compact bar and sub

Save with Amazon
May not have room on your desk A more affordable sound bar that will still get you better sound than 2.0 speakers.
JBL Professional 1 Series 104 best gaming speakers
JBL Professional 1 Series 104
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Compact, excellent sound quality, great price
Save with Amazon
Bland appearance, No subwoofer Probably the best 2.0 PC speakers at this price point.
Logitech z333 best gaming speakers
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Affordable, excellent design, control pod
Save with Amazon
No actual tweeter on speakers, only 1 option for connections Good whole-room stereo speakers, great desktop PC speakers, great price.
HiVi Accoustics M10 best gaming speakers
HiVi Accoustics M10
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Compact, Beautiful, Most consumers report excellent sound
Save with Amazon
Limited physical controls, Not very powerful The cheapest choice for an entry-level 2.1 system.

10 Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

The Good The Bad
Quality wooden box design No headphone jack
Wired and Bluetooth options No subwoofer
Remote control

Edifier R1700BT

Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier has been around in one form or another since the 1970’s. Originally a Canadian company, Edifier is now based in China, where it’s immensely popular. They were one of the first companies in China to manufacture wood box speakers, and the R1700 model is a proud continuation of that tradition.

The Edifier R1700 is one of the more expensive sets of 2.0 PC speakers on this list. Not everyone is looking for a subwoofer though, and the old-school wood box look is a welcome bit of variety from the uber-industrial look. If you’re an RGB fanatic these may not be the PC speakers for you, but if you like that mid-century modern aesthetic (which is back in a big way) they will fit right in.

I appreciate that the R1700 has a 3-knob volume control on the right speaker for master/bass/treble. Swapping between gaming and watching something on YouTube or Netflix, I always find that I need to mess with the volume mix, so it’s nice to have that at your fingertips.

The general consensus among owners is that the R1700 produces a warm, clear sound, and that you’ll only notice the absence of a subwoofer if you max out the volume. Users do report some issues with the Bluetooth suddenly pairing with random devices in the area, so it might not be the best choice for a college dorm for example.

9 Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar

The Good The Bad
Excellent sound Pricey
Great connectivity You may not have room for it on your desk
Virtual surround sound

Yamaha YAS-207BL

Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth

The Yamaha YAS-207BL sound bar is one of the more expensive choices on this list, but it’s still a fairly affordable alternative to traditional PC speakers. Yamaha is a well-known brand with a lot of fans, and they’ve put a lot of effort into developing the YAS-207BL. It’s a cheap way to get yourself some really high-end sound.

Soundbars might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of PC speakers, but they’re absolutely up to the task. Especially when compared to your run-of-the-mill 2.0 powered PC speakers, soundbars are great. They’ll work just fine on your desktop, and they’re also good for those with nontraditional setups. They usually have a bunch of different connection options- including HDMI- which makes them very convenient and easy to set up.

You can keep the soundbar on top of your desk, or you could de-clutter and mount it to the wall behind your monitor. I’d recommend mounting it above and behind your monitor to optimize the sound, which with 4 woofers and 2 tweeters this soundbar is putting out a lot of.

The YAS-207BL also has Yamaha’s “virtual surround sound” technology, which is another reason to get it off of your desktop. The wireless sub is another nice feature to declutter your working area-since the human ear doesn’t perceive direction very well in the subwoofer range, it really doesn’t matter where you place it in your room.

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8 Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System

The Good The Bad
Unique design Bluetooth needs some upgrading in terms of control
Wonderful sound

Harman Kardon

SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth

I’m sure you’ve heard of Harman Kardon before. They’ve been making speakers and musical components since the 50’s, and are a household name all over the world- including in South Korea, where their current owner Samsung is based. The Harman Kardon SoundSticks is a great, if pricey choice for your PC speakers. I absolutely love how it looks sort of retro-futuristic. It’s wonderful and yet vaguely threatening at the same time, like a Metroid.

From the looks to the performance, these are not your average PC speakers. The original model has been enshrined in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, to give you an idea of how visually appealing this 2.1 system is (if you care about that sort of thing). Also, like any good piece of retro-futuristic hardware, the SoundSticks Wireless System will respond to your touch for volume controls and more. How cool is that?

If the looks and the features aren’t enough to sell you on the SoundSticks Wireless System, you should know that it’s no slouch in the sound department either. 40 watts of amplification will have you convinced that this is a much more expensive system. If you want a sound system that works for more than just your PC, this is one of the easiest systems on this list for pairing multiple devices.

7 Logitech z623

The Good The Bad
Really powerful sound Takes up a fair amount of space
Cool design Need to fiddle with the balance to get it right
Great price for a 2.1 system

Logitech z623

Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

Not only is the Logitech z623 a sleeker, sexier model than the z333, at 400 Watts of peak power it will absolutely knock your socks off. I like that it has multiple inputs so that you can have more than one device plugged in at once.

That gives it the flexibility to be the kind of primary sound system that the modern entertainment room needs. I like this wired version, but if you want a wireless setup Logitech does have a Bluetooth model as well.

This is one of the more compact systems on this list, so if desktop space is at a premium this is a good choice. One of the desktop speakers can control both master volume and the subwoofer volume, which is a nice feature. There’s also a headphone jack on this desktop speaker for times when you have to tone it down.

6 Creative Gigaworks T40 series II

The Good The Bad
Attractive A 2.0 system
Upright design No subwoofer

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

2.0 Multimedia Speaker System

If you don’t want your PC speakers to completely take over your desktop, consider the Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II. Yes, it’s a 2.0 (no subwoofer) system, but if you’re using it solely for gaming you may never notice. These speakers are tall, which helps with sound quality, and each one is stuffed with three drivers to mimic the sound of a 2.1 system.

I like the look of these and the symmetry of how they bookend your monitor, but obviously the most important thing is the sound. I wouldn’t want to use them in a home theater or in a large room, but for around a hundred bucks you’re not going to find much better 2.0 PC speakers.

The build quality of the T40 Series can vary by model series, but overall, it’s got very positive feedback for consumers. It takes a lot of work to fit three drivers in each speaker, and their BasXPort technology that mimics the bass from a subwoofer is pretty cool. If you don’t want a subwoofer this is a great, affordable 2.0 system.

5 HiVi Accoustics M10

The Good The Bad
Compact Limited physical controls
Most consumers report excellent sound Not very powerful

Swans Speakers M10

Powered 2.1 Computer Speakers

HiVi Accoustics bucks the “everything must be black” trend in electronics with the beautiful, glossy, all-white M10 model. With the natural wood cases and the nice bright look, the M10 seems like it was designed to appeal to audiophiles instead of gamers. Whether it’s attached to a turntable or your PC, the M10 has a wonderful sound that you’re sure to appreciate.

The M10 certainly looks like it should cost more than it costs. They have some much more expensive models available, but the low price on the M10 makes it a very attractive choice for your PC speakers. It’s a compact system, and even the subwoofer will fit comfortably on your desktop if you need it to (put it on the floor if you can).

The physical controls are limited to a single knob on the sub, which is disappointing. It’s certainly not ideal for gaming to have to adjust the volume in the taskbar or reach under your desk to fiddle with the sub.

There’s also not a headphone jack-not a deal breaker but not as convenient as it could be. Even with these minor negatives in mind, don’t look past the M10. It has a great sound, and a great look, for cheap.

4 Vizio SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

The Good The Bad
Excellent price May not have room on your desk
Compact bar and sub


28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar

The Vizio SB2821-D6 will give you big sound in a sleek, compact package. A mere 28 inches long, the Vizio won’t look out of place underneath your dual-monitor setup. The Bluetooth subwoofer is also smaller than some of the full-sized PC speakers on this list.

Despite its small size, the Vizio SB2821-D6 punches above its weight class. Unlike your typical powered PC speakers which are plug-and-play, this will require some effort on your end to get it optimized. There are tons of guides online (or you can follow the included guide) on how to balance your sound system, so please don’t just wing it.

Many users are reporting, despite its small size, that the subwoofer will absolutely drown out the rest of the system with bass unless it’s properly balanced.

Vizio is a trusted, reliable brand, and they’ve come up with a great entry-level product in the SB2821-D6. If space is at a premium, like the Yamaha this is a good option for getting your PC speakers off of your desktop.

If you’re curious about soundbars, the low price on this model makes it an attractive option-and if you don’t like it for your PC, you can always just hook it up to your TV.

3 Bose Companion 5

The Good The Bad
Has a desktop control pod It’s not cheap - I mean c’mon, it’s Bose
Excellent design
Elevated speakers

Bose Companion 5

Multimedia Speaker System – Graphite/Silver

Getting your PC speakers elevated off of a surface is a really important factor in sound quality. If you want to achieve that quality, but you don’t feel like shelling out for some 5-foot speaker stands, then the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System is a good choice for you. If you’ve developed strong feelings over the years about Bose, I can respect that, but I still respectfully urge you to take a look at these speakers.

You can find the Bose Companion 5 on Amazon in the $300 – $400 range, which makes it by far the most expensive PC speakers on this list. That might be a turn-off, but it’s going to be hard to beat the sound quality that the Companion 5 has in the powered PC speaker category. These are some of the best plug-and-play speakers on the market.

Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but I like that the Companion 5 comes in graphite instead of boring old black. What should matter to you is all of the design work that Bose has put into these. I love the elevated speakers, the ultra-powerful bass from the subwoofer, and how it has a desktop control pod like the Logitech speakers on this list.

2 Logitech z333

The Good The Bad
Affordable Only 1 option for connections
Control pod

Logitech Z333

Easy-access Volume Control, Headphone Jack

The Logitech z333 PC speaker system gets good reviews, and considering its price point, it’s not going to trigger much in the way of buyer’s remorse. What I like to see even more than good professional reviews is that the z333 has a lot of fans in the PC gaming community. If you’re looking to just dip your toes into the high-quality PC speaker world, this is a great entry point for some 2.1 sound.

There’s a newer model out, the z337, but I don’t like it as much as the z333. If Bluetooth connectivity means that much to you, by all means go for the new model, but I just don’t see the need for it when it comes to your main PC speaker setup. I mean, this thing has a subwoofer and needs to be plugged in -it’s not like you’re going to take it to the beach with you.

The Logitech z333 provides 80 watts of peak power in a sleek, compact package. The subwoofer with a 5” driver will make your FPS of choice a much more intense experience. I really like the tabletop control pod on this model with a master volume knob and a headphone jack- that’s a really well-thought-out design with PC users in mind.

1 JBL Professional 1 Series 104

The Good The Bad
Compact Bland appearance
Excellent sound quality No subwoofer
Great price

JBL Professional 1 Series

104 Compact Powered Desktop Reference Monitors

The JBL Professional 1 Series 104 model has the pill-shaped look of portable Bluetooth speakers, but JBL has actually optimized these for desktop PC speaker use.

JBL has been in the speaker game for a long time, and they’ve packed every bit of their technical know-how and high-end engineering into the 1 Series. The integrated 60-watt amp distributes an impressive 30 watts of power through each speaker.

JBL is very proud of the new design that they’ve come up with for the 1 Series, but it’s not my favorite look. I know that’s a subjective judgment, but they certainly lack the star quality of some of the oddball suggestions on this list. Fortunately, even if you hate the look the sound coming out of the 104 is so good that you should still consider buying them.

JBL has optimized every last feature of the 104 for PC speaker use, including my favorite- the headphone jack on the speaker. This is definitely not the swiss army knife of speakers- the 104 does one thing and does it well.

BONUS Klipsch R 41 M

The Good The Bad
A great price for some speakers that you can be proud to own Needs additional parts
The right setup will produce better sound quality than anything else on this list Requires minor technical knowledge
Great price

Klipsch R-41M

Powerful detailed Bookshelf Home Speaker

Klipsch. I forgive you if that name triggers the automatic “too expensive” response in your brain, like seeing a Ferrari. Stick with me here though. The Klipsch R-41M won’t hurt your wallet as much as you think- I promise.

There’s certainly a utility (and a huge market) for powered speakers- what we usually refer to as PC speakers. I’m not saying they’re a scam, but powered speakers simply don’t compare to traditional speakers.

Yes, you will need to buy an external amplifier- but you can get a perfectly decent amp for $40-$60 (USD). Yes, you will need to wire this up yourself- but wiring speakers to an amp is child’s play for a PC gamer.

The Klipsch R-41M will still be providing world-class sound for your grandchildren as long as you take minimal care of them.

They’re small enough to place on top of your desk, although I’d recommend mounting them on stands set on either side of your desk for optimal sound. If you want life-changing sound quality, you should know that it’s affordable and won’t take that long to set up.


This concludes our brief list of the best gaming speakers you can find out there. Did you like the list? Did we miss something? What would you add? Tell us in the comment section below!

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