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Although I’ve always had a love for everything related to pop culture (films, TV shows, comics books), video games were, and will be my one true love. My first contact with video games occurred sometime in the late 90’s when my parents got me a NES console. A few years into PlayStation 2’s life cycle, when everybody was busy exploring the slums of Liberty City and playing Metal Gear Solid 2, I got a dusty old original PlayStation. So, you can say that this ‘’desynchronization’’ between me and other gamers led to the love and appreciation I have for old games as an adult.

Old School

I still remember the satisfaction I felt after beating the final boss in Ninja Gaiden, saving the princess for real in the original Super Mario, discovering the secrets in Deus Ex, roaming through the jungles of Syphon Filter 3, or even getting past the first freaking level of Battle Toads after several weeks of excruciating pain. You can call it hopeless nostalgia, and you’d be right. And I’ll search for and dissect every video game that will give me even a tinge of that experience.


Flashforward to today – I’m no longer out of the loop (otherwise I’d be very bad at my job), I have access to virtually every game released, but few of them have the capability of scratching that ‘’itch’’ like the old ones did. It’s not like I’m against everything new (insert ‘’Old Man Yells at Cloud’’ meme template), but there is something about the structure and pacing of old video games that make me feel at home.

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