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My grandfather was a man way ahead of his generation, owning his first PC in the early ’90s. When I and my sister came to visit he would fire up ‘Rabbit Reader 2’, and I was transported to the world of ‘Wordsville’. Since then my tastes have developed finding myself attached to Lore rich games; the Souls series, Dead Space and any RPG with a good story. For me, Games can be forms of art to be dissected, analyzed and appreciated.


Gaming started as a hobby for me, but there was a point where it became a Passion: the First Mass Effect. The storytelling in this game blew me away and I began to dig deep into the lore of the game, buy the books and search for hidden stories. I would pick up Dead Space 2 in 2011 and this was the first game that made me want to start a Youtube channel so that I could share my passion for ‘Lore’. Yet I wouldn’t until I picked up another game later that year.


The first Dark Souls was the game that changed my life and lead me to start a Youtube Channel. I was an Xbox owner, yet after playing this incredible game I felt immediately compelled to go out and buy a PS3 so I could play Demon’s Souls. I started a Youtube channel that year, mainly focused on guides for Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. Yet it wouldn’t be until 2016 when Dark Souls 3 released that I would start my lore centric channel.


Today that channel I started 3 years ago is still going strong, growing modestly every year and has a good reputation in the Souls and Sekiro Lore Community. My channel focuses on pulling apart the lore and presenting it straightforwardly; as long as the game has a good story, it has a place on my channel. To learn more you can check out my channel or follow me on Twitter or Twitch.

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